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Sonny's Journal

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat DepotDear human, my name is Sonny and I am delighted to meet you. The humans here at Cat Depot say I'm a ray of sunshine whenever they need one, and I don't think it's just because of my beautiful coat. I am friendly and many stop by my office when they need a little play time or a cuddle.

I oversee the Cat Depot office. It's a lot of work, but someone has to do it. I have some privileges the other cats don't get, and I often roam around the staff area or even the corridors. I'm a good cat. I don't get into trouble. Much...

When I'm not helping the humans work I enjoy napping or playing with feather toys. I also love string. I want to eat it, but my roommate says I can't. I still haven't figured out why - string is fun! She tries to hide it from me, but I am a cat, so I excel at climbing.

Anyway, enough background story. Let's get to this diary thing...




Sonny, Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Day 164, 1 day until home

One more day in the office and one more night between me and home. I try not to worry, but it's hard after being in a shelter for so long. I barely remember what it's like to live in a home. I was starting to think it would never happen again, and now it's just one night away. Meow!

Thank you everyone for following me for all this time, for cheering me on, for sending me presents and cards, and keeping my spirit up. I feel loved.

I spent a lot of time on typist's desk this morning, making sure to cuddle her properly. After that, I hung out with roommate. I'm pretty sure everyone at Cat Depot will miss me, so I've showed them extra love today.

Yesterday's candidate for Meow Mayor, Bernard, seems to have a lot of support. I'm sort of hoping he'll get a home this weekend before the election is over, I hope that for all of them, but if he's still here he'd do a good job. Right now the race seems to be between him and Carmen. Though, everyone working with purrlitics knows tides can change quickly.

Today's candidate is Oscar. He is nine years old and has spent quite some time at Cat Depot. He originally came here in April 2015, was adopted for a few months, and returned here in November. From what I hear, his story is much like Vienna's; the resident pets didn't want him around. He was very stressed when he arrived, clearly knew he was going to a shelter and didn't want to, but now he has settled in.

Oscar, adoptable cat at Cat Depot










Someone asked the other day if there are any scandals among the candidates. Good question. When looking at human elections, scandals seem the norm.

I don't know... I've seen Vienna groom herself. She meows it's because she hopes being pretty will help her get 'dopted, but she may also think beauty will have an impact on the vote.

I caught Kurtie reading a book, so she might be taking the intellectual route. Bernard has been meowing with the other cats, building support in the cat population, and Carmen kissed one of the volunteers. It will be a close race and I will watch from my new home to see who wins.

If you haven't already cast your vote, comment the cat's name you think should be the new mayor and I'll call typist to make her count the votes after the holiday. 

I'll soon meow with you from my new Facebook page. Until then, have a purring good Friday!


Sonny watching roommate's coffee

Day 163, 2 days until home

I expected my work as Meow Mayor to taper off as the countdown to home closes in, but I've had some really important duties today. My roommate was at a seminar about the 2016 Giving Challenge! The event isn't until September, but there are many preparations to be done. On today's picture I'm assimilating roommate's notes and guarding her coffee.

Once I was done with that, a Manatee came to visit. You read that right: a manatee. That's not something that happens often.

I don't think it was an actual live manatee, more like a life-size doll, but it was still unpleasant. Much too big.

I may have ran in the other direction and hid behind roommate. Please don't tell my new mom about that. I don't want her to think I'm a wimp.

Sonny and the Manatee baby dollOnce the gigantic thing left there was a smaller one on the floor. They said it was the size of a manatee baby and I went up to check it out.

Just a doll. I sniffed it and walked away.

It's pretty upsetting the humans thought they could fool me.

Today's events shows the many tasks that must be handled by the Meow Mayor. The candidate I want to introduce today is a purrsonal favorite of mine because he looks a little like me with the white on the chest.

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Bernard is barely three years old and that can sound young for such an important position, but he has plenty of skills.

He is gentle and quiet, loves cuddling, and has spent some time on his own, roaming the streets of Brandon. He has been at Cat Depot since October 2015.

The vote will be thrilling! I can't wait to see who wins the office!

Meows from Sonny


Day 162, 3 Days until Home

As you can see, I have a stern face today. This is because I need to discuss something important: Independence Day is coming up.

In my experience, humans like to celebrate their country by blowing it up. At least that's what it sounds like to us pets. My message today as Meow Mayor is, be careful with things that go boom. More pets are lost on 4th of July than any other day of the year.

In other meows, three days left until home! If I were human I'd say three sleeps, but let's be honest; I'm a cat. I sleep all the time.

I'm getting really excited. People keep coming in to say goodbye and that they'll miss me, and it's becoming real, if that makes sense. A new adventure!

Kurtie, Adoptable cat at Cat DepotToday's candidate for Meow Mayor is Kurtie. She is closing in on eight years old and she has been at Cat Depot since October 2015.

She is very sweet and I believe she would be a kind and gentle Mayor who takes the wishes of other cats into account.

Meows from Sonny 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 161, 4 days until home

Thank you everyone for the congratulations on my countdown to home! I've never seen so many comments before, it really warms my little kitty heart.

It's close now, so close I can imagine it. My new mom has made a Facebook page for me. Typist helped me find it and showed me photos of my new home and the things waiting for me. Not just a home, but filled with stuff too. It's like Santa Paws came, but in the middle of summer!

I must remember to be a really good boy. Hopefully she'll be patient if I'm a little scared at first.

Anymeows, moving on to the Meow Mayor election. 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Today I want to introduce a candidate who I believe is a favorite for many: Carmen.

She is 12 years old and came to Cat Depot over a year ago when her purrson fell ill.

Carmen only has three legs, so she knows that life can be difficult. With all her experience I know she would be be fair, yet firm when needed.

I think Carmen has a good chance to win the election; people were saying her name yesterday before I even introduced her.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 160, 5 days until home!

Friends, I think it might be happening. I am counting down to home!

On Saturday one of my online friends came to visit me and we really hit it off. I even kissed her fingers and I'm not one to kiss on the first date.

When she left I got a beautiful note on my door saying, "Adoption Pending." She'll come back on Saturday and pick me up, and I think she'll have some time off work so we can get to know each other.

Paws crossed all this comes together, it would be so wonderful to go home!

I will miss all my friends at Cat Depot, but I know they will be just fine. And, if I move out of my office, there's room for another cat to come in. There are always so many who need a place to stay.

Today I've been following my roommate extra close, meowing with her about my successor. Cat Depot will need a Meow Mayor even if I leave.

We decided to hold an election. I will purrsent five candidates during the week, and everyone can vote for their favorite.

I was going to nominate Squeakers since she's the longest resident, but she meowed she wants to work on going home. I think holding the mayor's office would give her expurrsure that might help her find a 'dopter. It helped me, even if it took a while. I'll keep trying to purrsuade her, maybe she'll change her mind.

Anymeows, my first nominee will be Vienna.

Vienna, adoptable cat at Cat Depot













Vienna was found as a stray with three kittens last year and came to Cat Depot in May 2015. She knows how to be a mom, and I think the caring side would be useful for a Meow Mayor.

She was adopted and returned because the family's other cat didn't appreciate the company.

She is almost four years old, so old enough to have common sense and make good decisions.

My other nominees will be Carmen, Kurtie, Bernard, and Oscar. 

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal, Day 159

Today I have assisted Tim, our systems and finance manager, with computer updates. Funny enough, my help didn't seem to make him happier. Pressing the space key didn't make the computer work faster either. Clearly something wrong with it.

I've had some great visitors too. A whole family came to see me. My roommate told them that I like to eat string, so they watched me and I couldn't bite it off. Bummer, but I'll get it next time. And, a nice man came asking for the Mayor. I love when people recognize me. Happy meows!

Our mascot Petunia is still missing. I've seen ransom notes, but nothing that makes sense. I meowed with Animal Services, but they haven't seen her. At least she's microchipped, so if she turns up, they'll know where she belongs.

Other than that, my investigation is moving slowly. I sent typist over to check with Meatball, to see if he found any clues. Apparently, she disturbed him in the middle of brunch, but this is what he said:

"Meatball here, working the Petunia case. Don't know how something as big as a mascot can go missing. Meow Mayor Sonny asked me to go through the security tapes. There's something really weird with them, they're blurry, almost as if someone smeared cat food on the lens. 

I went to investigate and there was catfood on the lens. I licked it off, just to clean the camera, of course. That made me want a snack, and after that I needed a nap."

Petunia posterJust as I suspected, nothing useful. The campers at Critter Camp have made really nice posters for her. They're all over the place. I'm sure someone will see her and bring her back.

This summer camp thing is growing on me. I know my roommate talked to the group today, and I got letters.

Blair wrote, "Dear Sonny, I made a name for you, Meatball, and the campers. It is camp Sonball." I love it!

She also said I'm a great mayor. She has good taste.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny's Journal, Day 158

I've had an interesting day. I had a visitor from the other side of the Atlantic, all the way from Sweden. They said she was here to see typist, but deeming from the great head rubs she gave I know she was here to see me.

When she left there was a whole group of people from the same country! Clearly also here to see me. I feel famous. Good thing I've been listening to typist mumble to herself in a foreign language so I knew how to meow in Swedish.

In other meows, our mascot Petunia is still missing. I have promised the participants in Critter Camp to help find her, but since I'm having such a busy week I couldn't fit them into my schedule until Friday. I've gone through some of the evidence and read a ransom note the campers found. Today's picture shows me working hard.

There's too much evidence for me to have time to go through it all so I asked Meatball to review the security tapes. 

He will be my chief of security if I'm elected purrsident, and I know he'll do a good job with the tapes. If he can stay awake, that is. I suspect he sometimes sleeps on the job and I might have to go poke him. We'll see.

Meows from Sonny

Critter Camp shirt with Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal, Day 157

I've been talking a lot about T-shirts lately and I am becoming something of an expert on the subject. I have learned that humans don't have fur, and they have to cover up to avoid being too cold or burned by the sun. Seems inconvenient.

Cats always wear the same thing and we always look good.

Anymeows, during summer camp I have encountered the best T-shirt ever. Why it's the best? Well, it has a picture of me, peeking out of a tent, because I'm a critter camping. Critter camp, a critter camping, very punny!

I hope they think of saving one for me. I want to bring it with me to my furever home when I get one.

I've never been to a summer camp, but it seems fun. It's only on the second day and has already brought surprises.

You can never guess.

Okay, try to guess!

There was a horse here yesterday. I never expected a horse to appear at a cat rescue, but we had a horse. From what I hear there will be all sorts of other animals too.

And, an even bigger surprise: our mascot Petunia has gone missing. It has happened before, last year she slipped out of her collar and wandered off so Animal Services had to track her down and catch her.

This time I think someone took her. As Meow Mayor I will have to try to help the campers find her. Won't be an easy task, I'd better start with a nap.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal, Day 156

Remember I meowed about Stardust helping fold shirts last week? Well, I went to check on her work and might have fallen asleep in the box in our office supply closet.

From what I hear, the humans looked for me for a long time, searching everywhere. They thought they lost me until volunteer Alison looked through the closet and found me.

It was a really good spot for a nap, but in retrospect, probably not worth it. Stardust is so mad with me, probably because I didn't trust her quality of work, and every time I go near her now she hisses at me. 

I hope she'll get over it. How can I sneak into her office and steal her food if she can't stand the sight of me? 

In other meows, summer camp is in full roll and we have a group of small people here. Fits well with all the kittens - both kinds of children seem to have an abundance of energy. I've never been to summer camp, but it sounds kind of fun. This week's theme is about choosing the best kind of pet for your family. Obviously, the best kind of pet is a cat!

And, I had a wonderful visitor. She sat with me for quite some time, talking softly until I fell asleep. She brought toys too. Great beginning of the week!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal, Day 155

I have had some impurrtant tasks to deal with today. As you can see, I have a serious expression and am prepared to work.

Our Director of Communications and Development is leaving. She has been supportive of my purrsidential campaign and I am sad to see her go. And, it leaves us with the problem of finding a replacement!

We have received a lot of applications, and I must read them all. Not an easy job, but being a cat I will be able to assimilate most of the information through resting on the papers. This process will take most of the weekend.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



















On a lighter note, yesterday I promised to show you how well Stardust did with the T-shirt folding project. By now you must know that anything you want to do will work better in the presence of a cat, because we are very helpful.


Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

First of all, she identified the problem. A human in her presence required assistance. Time to wake up from the nap and spring to work!

Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

The shirts were delivered in a box. Stardust inspected it thoroughly to make sure it was up to code.

Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

After inspecting the box, she moved on to inspecting the actual shirts. The print looked good, as did the color.

Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

The next step was the most important: actual sorting and folding of the shirts. Stardust assisted through holding them down.

If you need a great assistant, you should come in and meet her. She is Meow Mayor Approved!

Now I must hurry get a nap in before any more work appears on my desk. Have a great weekend everyone!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 154

Today there was a huge box on roommate's desk and I naturally assumed it was for me. Turns out she had ordered human things. To make matters worse, she packed everything back in the box, so I couldn't even play with the packaging.

Uncalled for. If packages arrive to my room, they should be for me. 

On the bright side, there has been people in my office almost all day. Some were here for meetings, but others came just for me. I love when people come see me because they read my journal, it makes me feel like an impurrtant kitty. 

On today's picture you can see that I'm pretending I'm about to take a nap. In reality I keep my ears perked and miss nothing. There can be no secrets from the cat. 

As alert as I think I am, they still managed to hide one thing from me for quite some time: Stardust is back from her foster home.

They hid her from me in a corridor I don't usually go through, but today they moved her to one of the offices right outside mine!

She's an excellent helper, just like I am. Rumors have it, she helped a volunteer fold shirts all day. I bet she was good at it. I think our volunteer coordinator Joe took some photos of her assisting. I've meowed with him and he promised to send them over. I'll share them tomorrow.

Oh, before I get distracted and forget - it's almost snack time - yesterday I asked what I should name my new purrple toy I got some great suggestions.

I meowed all the names to it but it didn't react to any of them, so I still don't know which name is right. You would think it could move a little or something to show what it thinks.

Since the toy doesn't seem to have a purrference, I will call it Dino. I like that name.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 153

I mentioned yesterday that I got a new toy from my friend in Texas. I wanted to show a photo of me snuggling with it. He is purrple, a purrfect color that matches my blue bed, but I haven't figured out his name yet. Any suggestions?

Had a good day yesterday with some visitors. And, most of the kittens have been out of the adoptions floor and not in the staff area. Less temptation in the form of food on the floor, and less distractions from my Meow Mayoral duties.

I have to cut my journal short today, typist mumbled something about going home, dogs, and AC unit. None of these things make any sense to me - they're clearly not more important than the purrsidential candidate. On the bright side, in her absence I can use her computer to order stuff!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal, Day 152

Today, my friend Tim has been helping roommate with her computer. There are always strange things happening with her machine, and I've heard her say that I change the settings.

Not true. I'm very good with technology.

If anyone changes anything it's done by tiny gremlins who run around here at night. I haven't seen them, because it happens when I sleep, but I am sure I'm correct.

Anymeows, helping is usually my job, so I stretched all I could to help Tim move the mouse in the right direction. I could tell that he was about to click on the wrong things, and I had to help push it back to where it belonged.

More interesting things happened during the day: I got the most wonderful package in the mail. 

My friend Mike in Texas sent a huge box with toys for me and the other Cat Depot kitties. Some were marked with a name, like my toy, and others meant for the rescued cats in the conference room. There's enough to hand out to other deserving kitties too.

I must admit, I was tempted to keep it all for myself, but I have a lot of toys already, and there are cats in the building who really need some cheering up. 

Thank you for helping us!

Meows from Sonny 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 151

I had quite a weekend.

It all started with kittens. There was a bunch of little ones in the staff area and I heard their tiny voices meow, so I peeked out of my room to take a closer look.

One of them saw me and screamed.

I'm not used to being screamed at, so I leaped in the air and tried to run, but I couldn't get traction, and I didn't get anywhere. When I finally moved forward I hurried to  hide on my purrsidential climber.

I didn't think anyone witnessed this mishap, but as it turns out someone saw me and told typist all about it. After that I figured I might as well tell everyone myself before she gets around to it.

The rest of Saturday flowed smoother and a very nice purrson came to visit with me. She was so good at petting me I forgot all about the kitten mishap and fell asleep!

She thought of taking me home, but as we meowed about it, I told her everything about my friend Sammy. I told her Sammy had been here almost as long as I have, and that I wanted to get her out before her anniversary.

It worked. She took Sammy home! From what I hear it's a purrfect match.

First Bobby and then Sammy, two long-time residents.

Then, more wonderful things happened: someone came for  Yoshi!

After being here for so long, Bobby, Sammy, and Yoshi found homes in one week!

All the kittens arriving to Cat Depot had me depressed for a while, it's so hard to compete with them, but now I have high hopes for Squeakers, Carmen, and myself. The others did it, so I bet we can too.

In other mews, I played a prank on someone this morning.

One of the adoption counselors came by and said she had problems getting into her computer. I meowed it's because I changed everyone's passwords to "Give_Sonny_Toona."

No one else seemed to think it was as funny as I did. Odd.

Hope you had a purrsome weekend too!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 150

Yesterday, one of my followers gave a great idea on solving the current kitten housing problem: put them in typist's desk.

I've been trying to stuff the little ones in her drawers all day long, but they keep wiggling out and running in all directions. Entertaining, but also exasperating. This task would be much easier if they just stayed still.

Okay, that wasn't entirely true. As a purrsidential candidate I should probably stick to the truth.

What really happened was, a giant cage was left empty and unguarded in the staff area, and I tried to sneak the kitten food. Unfortunately, Cat Care put the food bowl far away from the edge, and as much as I stretched and pawed, I couldn't reach it.

I purrsonally think my version with kitten-herding is much more entertaining than the boring truth of failed food theft.

There was also a huge box with cat food samples at typist's desk. I jumped up and tried to break into the plastic bags, but they crackled and she heard me.


I went to my roommate's desk instead. On today's picture I'm holding her papers down. This is a very important task but was not rewarded with treats. Both of them claim treats would upset my stomach.

I think they're lying. I think they're giving all the treats to the kittens.

In other mews, yesterday a nice purrson who has been reading my journal traveled to Sarasota to meet me. She thought of taking me home, but as we meowed about Cat Depot, I told her about my friend Bobby.

I'm sure you remember Bobby? Beautiful black fur, one of the longest residents who probably never had a home in his life? 

Well, she met him and they hit it off, so she took him home! I'm so happy for him, and it gives hope for all of us long-timers. 

Have a great weekend!

Happy purrs from Sonny

Sonny's Journal Day 149

Friends, you have made me a very happy cat. Thank you for your support! The outpour of love for me and my journal warms my heart. I thought you loved me, hoped you loved me, and now I can prove it's true.

Thanks to your wonderful comments I will get to keep blogging. I've been purring ever since my roommate told me earlier today.

To make things even better, two of my friends were 'dopted yesterday. Desi and Lucy are both orange, just like I am, and a little older than the pesky kittens, just like I am. If they can do it, maybe I can too.

Speaking of kittens, we have so many now typist said she's bringing in people passing by the building to hold them, because we're out of places to put them. I think she's joking, but one never knows for sure. 

I bet that if I were get 'dopted they would put a bunch of kittens in my room too. Imagine my roommate trying to work with ten little furballs climbing all over her. That would be something to see!

Now I'm going to celebrate by playing with my catnip toys. Meow with you tomorrow!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 148

Today I have helped my roommate. As you can see on today's picture I take this task seriously - so much so I even hang over the edge of the bed to be able to help better.

I could help you too; I have many skills. Typing, napping, holding down your papers... You know where I'm at - come pick me up as soon as you can. I mean it, as soon as possible.

I've overheard the humans talking about my journal being a failure. I didn't think it was, but they have a point. I've meowed with you every day for so many months and have long since passed my first year here, and I still haven't been 'dopted.

It may be time to step back and give one of the other long-time residents a chance for expurrsure, but I'd rather stop meowing online because I got 'dopted. So hurry over here and get me!

Anymeows, I slunk out of my room for a bit today to take a stroll in the corridor. I know the humans say I'm not supposed to be there and eat the kitten food, but I needed to look around.

The kittens are everywhere. I've been at Cat Depot for well over a year and I've still never seen this many kittens in one building.

They're taking over the world with their fluffy cuteness.












Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 147

I'm used to Florida sunshine and pretty much arrange my days after the sun. This morning, the remains of a tropical storm lingered over Sarasota. It was so dark I missed that it was morning. Typist became worried when I didn't run to greet her and came in to wake me up. Embarrassing! 

Naturally, I pretended I'd been awake all along, but I was dreaming of a spot in the sun on a comfortable sofa.

In other mews, there are still kittens everywhere, so I'm still confined to my room. Not cool.

I slipped out for a bit to clean up in the staff area - the small ones aren't exactly tidy eaters - but the humans caught me and told me to go to my room. According to them, it's better to clean up with a broom or vacuum cleaner than through eating the food.

I don't agree.

I think the Meow Mayor needs to go through some Cat Depot protocols - my way is clearly the right way!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 146

Another Monday. I looked forward to hanging out with typist now when she's finally back after the weekend, but you know what? I'm locked in my room. 

This time, I didn't do anything wrong. It's the kittens. They're everywhere

The humans say some of the kittens aren't medically cleared yet and keeping me from them is for my own good, just in case they're not healthy.

I sneaked out anyway to look at them and typist appeared out of nowhere, telling me to go to my room. I was just trying to sniff them a little, and maybe help myself to some of their food. 

She means well, but seriously, live a little! How dangerous can something that small and fluffy be?

My roommate has tried to make it up to me. I've looked at art with her, and played with my toys on her desk. When she went to the break room I took the opportunity and ordered a new cat tree. Hehe!

I had a good weekend with several visitors. This is Mary and Curtis who came to say hi to me.

Mary and Curtis visiting Sonny 













Did you do something fun?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 145

Today is Donut Day. The humans made a big deal out of this, reuniting the "donut cats" at Cat Depot. I didn't get any donuts, not even one. Typist said, "Come now Sonny, you know you'd get a tummy ache if you ate this, and it would be my fault for letting you taste." Pfft.

Anymeows, even when most of my regular crew were distracted by baked treats, one of the visitors thought of me. I got a present! Thank you!

Several people came by my room on the way from the event too, so I've gotten a lot of cuddles. That always makes for a good day!

My roommate got kind of a present today too. She has been away at an award ceremony, and Cat Depot won best non-profit. Go us! I bet it's because my excellent Meow-Mayoral skills and talented assistance.

Since she was away, one of our volunteers borrowed her office. I liked this decision for several reasons: she's my friend, her shirt matches my eyes - as you can see on the photo with me and my new toy, and she lets me help.

I'm really good at helping. Check out this picture of me helping her sign letters:

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot










After such a busy day I'm going to wind down with a snack and a nap. I hope everyone has a purrsome weekend. Meow with you Monday!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 144, Starting on year two

My anniversary party yesterday was fun but exhausting. When the humans arrived today I started the morning with a good long nap on typist's desk. I would probably still be snoozing there if she hadn't roamed off to take photos of kittens. 


Back in my own office, I overheard my roommate say her sister reads my journal.

My roommate has a sister. I didn't know that.

I wonder if I could go live there. Imagine how wonderful that could be! From what I hear she doesn't have any pets, not even one, and everyone needs a pet. I'm really good at computers. If someone's interested in me, I can help fill out my adoption application!

I'm going to daydream about going home for a bit. Meow with you all tomorrow!


Sonny with a visitor

Day 143, My Cat Depot Anniversary

I thought today would be depressing since it's exactly a year since I entered Cat Depot. But, the day has turned out to be quite interesting.

First I helped open the mail. There were presents for me and for the cats in the conference room - you know, all the ones that were rescued the other day - and a card.

I've given most of my stuff to the rescued cats, because they had nothing, and you should be nice to those who have less than yourself. I decided to keep one of the new things for myself and forward the rest to them.

A little later in the day my vice purrsident Whitey Wobbles came to visit!

We usually try to sneak time on the computers to talk to each other, but meeting in purrson is so much better. On today's picture I'm trying to purrsuade my roommate to take meeting notes.

Whitey and I have great plans for our purrsidential campaign. But, we got sidetracked by trying to decide what kind of catnip to order, and from which site...

Sonny with his vice purrsident Whitey Wobbles










He also brought me presents. I've had pink blankets in my room, and the color doesn't fit me at all. Whitey has teased me on Facebook, and I meowed that if he wanted me to have something else, he'd have to do something about it.

Well, he did. One of our volunteers made me new blankets with lions, and Whitey delivered them. I think this fits me much better.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot









During this visit, most of the humans said, "Sonny, I didn't think you got along with other cats."

Silly humans, it clearly depends on the cat. Since today is my anniversary I thought I should put my best paw forward and show that I can get along with others - if they're calm and friendly. I just need time to settle in and get to know them.

Think about it. I would love to nap on your sofa with you!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 142, my Cat Depot anniversary is tomorrow!

I need to start with some official business: we have kittens.

They're everywhere, and in my opinion they need to not be here. My official reason for this statement is, a shelter isn't a good place for kids to grow up. Unofficial reason, they steal all the attention from us mature kitties.

Don't tell anyone I said that.

The list of us long-time residents remains constant. Squeakers, Yoshi, Bobby, Carmen, myself, and Sammy. This might not be entirely the kittens' fault, but I'm sure they're making it more difficult to find the rest of us.

Since I'm a clever Meow Mayor, I have thought of a solution to the problem: you can take the kittens home. To foster, I mean. If you can keep some of them until they're big enough to find homes of their own, call us.

In other mews, tomorrow I will have been at Cat Depot for a year. That's a long time for a cat.

I've been hoping someone would come bust me out before the first of June, but I don't think it will happen. Honestly, being here isn't bad, but I sometimes miss spending the evenings with a purrson of my own. You know, sitting close to each other, watching TV. The little stuff that makes life special.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day. We were closed, so I napped most of the day. For a cat, that's the good life!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 141, only 5 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary!

I am so tired today. Yesterday my roommate was away, so I had to run the place on my own. That is exhausting in itself. To make matters worse, there were people here replacing the server. They ran in and out of my room all day and I had to supervise them. Not a chance for a good nap.

Today I've been so sleepy my roommate worried for me - I didn't even want to play when I had visitors. Normally I try to show my best side, but today I just couldn't. She has no idea how hard I work when she's not around. Seriously, I'm a cat!

In other mews, only five days left until my Cat Depot anniversary. And today is Friday, so I won't get to meow with you for a few days. We're closed on Monday, so when I see you again there will only be... how many paws is that... one day left!

Being homeless for a full year isn't exactly an anniversary to celebrate, so I don't know if I'll do anything special. Some days it feels like much longer than a year since I first came through Cat Depot's doors. Back then I was so optimistic, thought I'd only stay for a few days, maybe a week. Didn't turn out like that.

I plan to take another nap now, and then maybe wander around to see if there's any spilled food to clean up. Not sure if that's a part of my duties as Meow Mayor or not, it usually seems to delight the humans much less than I expect, but I will still do it. Have a good weekend.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 140, 6 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

Typist isn't at her desk today. Some rubbish about raising funds. She brought her computer and made me phone in my journal to her. How silly is that? I'm a cat, I don't use phones!

The humans say we had a cat who called 911 once, but that was before my time as Meow Mayor. I would have told him that while an empty food bowl is an emergency, the problem won't be solved by a fire truck. Or an ambulance. Because neither carries cat food.

A fire truck might be helpful if the water bowl was empty. I might try that next time instead of just meowing.

Anymeows, I had a great day yesterday. I had several visitors who petted me, took photos of me, and played with me. And, I heard a great story about one of my online friends in Atlanta. She read about my fascination with the catnip carrot and banana, and got a catnip banana for her own kitty. Good choice!

Every time I see a catnip banana I hurry to bite it really hard, so it will have marks from my teeth. That way everyone knows it's mine. Just a tip to all cats out there.

A few months ago, just before the holiday season, my roommate bought catnip bananas to give out as presents to other kitties she knows. I found them in her bag and put my teeth in each and every one of them. This was before I decided to run for purrsident, so I'm confident the mischief won't count against me.

Purrs from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 139, 7 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

Yesterday was a long day. Cat Depot was closed and the hours between breakfast and the time Cat Care came back to give us dinner seemed endless.

That's not entirely true, I slept in peace and quiet the whole time, but admitting that won't give roommate and typist a bad conscience for going away and not bringing me.

Today I kept napping, but on typist's desk instead of my own. She says my paws twitch in the cutest way when I'm dreaming.


She also says my legs sometimes fall over the edge of the bed and that this too is cute. Complete and utter slander. I know where my feet are at all times.

When peeking in the calendar, the humans have written we'll be closed on Monday too, it's some form of human holiday. That's all fine and dandy, but how do they think I'll get 'dopted if Cat Depot isn't open?

How will people be able to experience my large green eyes and soft fur if they can't meet me? Not to mention all the others in the "one year crew" - Squeakers, Bobby, Yoshi, Carmen... 

There's only seven days left until my anniversary. I still hope to get out of here before my first year has passed, but honestly, I doubt it will happen.

In other news, I've distributed some of the toys I got the other day. I sent one home to my Vice Purrsident Whitey Wobbles. I think he liked it. And, I took some time to meow with Samson. He is cautiously optimistic about getting his surgery. He says a lot of my followers have helped pitch in for him. That's really purrsome of you!

He had a visitor the other day who promised to match the next $1,500 raised. Not sure how much that is, but typist said if we can get it, we'll have enough. I offered one of my toy mice, but she said I should keep it and put some money in the jar for me instead.

A ray of sunshine is reaching my bed, so I must go back to napping now. Meow with all of you later.


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot  

Day 138, 9 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

Today is Bobby's Cat Depot anniversary. I went over to meow with him this morning, and he's pretty sad. He came to us from another facility and can't even remember being in a home.

Bobby, adoptable cat at Cat Depot











Imagine that. He is four years old and can't remember sleeping in bed next to a human. I at least remember my purrson and have something to dream of.

Only nine days left until my own anniversary. Come tomorrow I won't even have to use my tail to count down the days - just counting each paw twice will do it. Scary. I never thought I'd pass one year at Cat Depot!

In other news, my roommate couldn't understand why I was so sleepy this morning.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot








Well, in her absence, this happened:

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot























I had a wonderful weekend. I've had so many visitors, received so much love, and played with so many great toys! 

One of my visitors brought an entire box filled with fun marked "Sonny's Furiends." I will distribute the toys as soon as the humans leave tonight. I'll have to pick out something extra nice for Bobby.




I also have a shocking statement: Cat Depot is closed tomorrow, because the staff is going off to do something that doesn't involve me! This means typist won't be here to translate my journal, so I won't be able to meow with you again until Wednesday!

Guess I'll spend tomorrow catching up on some sleep.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 137, 12 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

My roommate is out of town today, but that's okay - I can run the place in her absence. I am quite able to put my paw down when needed, and make forceful decisions including but not limited to more treats, more toys, and taller kitty condos.

I take the task seriously and was surprised when I heard unknown cat voices coming from the conference room. No one informed me of strangers arriving. I think I should be included in all meetings. Especially when roommate isn't here!

The doors were closed and I had to jump up on a cart to be able to look in through the window.

You'll never guess what's in there.

It's not kittens.

The room is filled with cats from a recent rescue operation! More of them than I can count, so definitely more than I have paws.

I ran to meow with the medical staff, and they said all the kitties are in quarantine, to make sure they're not sick.

My first reaction was, "Don't you think there are enough cats here" but then I was happy for them being rescued. Wherever they came from, being at Cat Depot is most certainly better.

I want to investigate this more, but right now I have another important mission: I saw cat grass on typist's desk and I must run there and eat it before she leaves and takes it home to her cat. I bet he loves that everything he gets smells like me, hehe!

Have a good weekend!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 136, 13 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

There are kittens everywhere. And I mean, everywhere. Someone please come 'dopt me and take me home, so I can get a good nap! Or, adopt all of them. Either way is fine, because all this meowing has deprived me of at least one nap. 

Did you know the average cat sleeps around 16 hours per day? I probably haven't gotten more than 15 in because of the kittens. I am exhausted!

I tried to use my roommate's computer today to contact my vice-purrsident, Whitey Wobbles, to discuss our program of free spay and neuter for all. At this time a year you can really see how important it is. Roommate walked in on my typing, thought I was writing gibberish, and deleted the e-mail. Can you believe the nerve? It wasn't gibberish, it was cat!

Then, I tried to use typist's computer, but got distracted by the bed on the desk. It reminded me of how tired I am. Maybe I can deal with the purrsidential business later, after the humans have gone home...

Luckily, nice people keep coming to visit me. It really brightens my day. I had a visitor today who read my journal and wanted to see me. I love when that happens. It makes me feel like a celebrity!

Meows from Sonny 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 135, 14 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary 

I snuck into the conference room today, and someone had spilled cat food all over the floor. Score! Too bad typist followed me - and snapped a photo of me munching. I thought pupparazzi only followed dogs!

Trying to meow that I was only helping Cat Care clean up didn't do me much good. She said my biggest advantage as purrsidential candidate is my tendency to tell the truth, so yes, I was eating spilled food I wasn't supposed to have. 

And speaking of eating, we got an interesting delivery today. A huge truck backed into our narrow parking lot and unloaded a whole pallet of Friskies Party Mix. I've never seen that many treats at one time before. I'm not really allowed to eat them, but it's great for all the other kitties. A treat can make the shelter feel much more like home.

So, as Meow Mayor of Cat Depot, I want to issue an official Thank You to the Petfinder Foundation and Nestle Purina for sending us such a wonderful gift. Meow!

I'm going to go sneak on the treats right now. I'm sure eating just one or two couldn't be too harmful...

Happy purrs from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 134, 15 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

Every day when I write my journal, I look at the numbers and try to count them on my paws. Thus far I have always failed, but now the number of days left to my anniversary is alarmingly close to my number of feet and the tail. I just need to count each three times to reach fifteen!

Do you think I will get out of here before my first full year? A lot of people come visit me, which is wonderful, but I'm still here.

On the bright side, I'm getting a lot of mail. I have a friend all the way in Texas named Mike, and he sent me a wonderful package yesterday. I get so excited when I see packages and envelopes with my name on them!

We made a video with me playing, you can see it here. Thank you, Mike!

In other mews, remember I talked about Samson yesterday? The humans made a fundraiser for him on GulfCoast Gives, and it was funded super quickly. Thank you so much! He still needs more money. If you want to help, there's a donation form here

I went around to the other kitties and collected money last night. We don't have a lot, because we're shelter cats, but sometimes visitors drop a few coins that roll behind a shelf or something, so we gathered everything we could find. 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



















I worried because it's not a lot, but typist said it helps. She said everything helps. 

She helped me make a coin bank that we put the money in. It's on the counter in the Cat Depot store, in case some visitors have some coins or bills left over after shopping. 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



















All this playing and working made me sleepy, so I'm off to get a good nap. 

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny's Journal Day 133, 16 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

It's Monday and a good one. I helped typist make an ad this morning, it showcases the five of us who have been here the longest, and she made my picture really big. She says it's because I'm so cute - and good at keeping her company.

I stayed on her desk until I realized she wouldn't share her breakfast. She said, "Sonny, if I give you this, both you and I will be in so much trouble. It would make you so sick."


And even if it were true, nibbling some delicious human food would probably be worth it. Roommate made it up to me. She bought some kitty grass in the Cat Depot store. Very good!

I've had visitors too who played with me, and I've spotted a pile of mail that just might be for me. I'll investigate later and tell you all about it tomorrow.

Why I can't investigate right now?

Good question. Typist asked me for help with something, and as Meow Mayor I can't turn down this request.

Remember I talked about one of the office cats a week or so ago? Samson. He's all white and cute, and doesn't back down when I stare at him.

Turns out the poor guy has bigger problems than I do, and now I feel a little bad for being mean to him. He has a kidney problem, and he needs a very expensive surgery, or he will cross the Rainbow Bridge. I was so stunned when she told me I almost fell down from the desk!

The surgery costs $5,500, and he will have to go to the University of Florida to have it done. I don't know how much money that is, but according to the humans here, you almost can't even measure that much money in cat treats.

How are we going to raise that much?

Typist will put up a campaign for him, but she said this is so much money she can only ask for a portion of it. 

I will shake down the other kitties for treat money. If you have any ideas for fundraisers, let me know!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 132, 19 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

This day started like a normal, good day. I meowed until someone let me out of my office, and once freed, I ran around to investigate the corridors. After that, morning snuggle with typist, just the way I like it.

Later, things started to become peculiar. People arrived in my room, attempting to make me wear a harness. They said, "Sonny, you need to learn to walk on a leash. It will give you great exposure."

Might be a good opportunity to walk around I guess, but I don't want to walk on a leash. I'm not a dog. And, what will people think if they see the Meow Mayor and purrsidential candidate restrained like that? Looking like I have no say in what happens to me?

No. Just no.

They left the harness on my desk, hoping I'd get used to it.

Still no.

What do you think? Should I submit and accept the indignity for the possible gain it can bring, or should I stand my ground?

All this debating made me so tired I needed a nap with my banana.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 131, 20 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

I mentioned yesterday that a nice purrson was here to take my photo. Today's picture is from her photo shoot. What do you think? I wanted to look deep in thought, yet cute. Did I succeed?

To be honest, I haven't done all that much today. Because, well, I'm a cat and I like to nap. I have supervised some visitors who spent time with my roommate. I also got a toy from our new volunteer coordinator, Joe.

The toy is a lot of fun, but you need a human to play. Bad thing if there isn't a human around, but otherwise good, because they need to play more.

Your purrson spins it, and then you can watch it as it travels around and around. Or, you can just poke it with your paw. Either way is fun!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 130, 21 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

Remember my yellow banana? One of my favorite toys? 

A while back, when the humans were cleaning everything here, it too was cleaned and disappeared in the laundry. At the time I was too upset over all the frequent baths to worry much about it, but lately I've missed it.

Sonny's bananaYesterday I had a visitor who was kind enough to buy me a new one. Thank you!!! This time I made roommate write my name on it, in large black letters. There can be no doubt of whose banana this is.

I had more visitors too, I must say I enjoy all this attention. And today a nice purrson was here to take my photo. I always enjoy having my picture taken.

My roommate said they will try to get some extra attention for us who have been here the longest. I hope it works.

What have you been up to today?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 129, 22 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

Busy day today. I'll tell you all about it, but first I want to share this cool present we got a couple of days ago. It's like a rug with another rug on top, and it's purrfect for playing. The humans gave it to the young cats for entertainment, but I got to check it out first. Fun!

Today my roommate had several meetings in her office, and I think it's important to participate and represent the cats. I may look like I'm sleeping from time to time, but that's just a facade.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot










I also found time to roam around in the corridor. Sometimes they leave food out, and I'm really good at tracking it down. No such luck today, but I discovered something disturbing: both typist and my friend Tim were in an office, cuddling another cat! 

I checked the card on the door and his name is Donald. He seemed oh so comfortable with my people, sitting on their laps, making biscuits, playing with their pens, and all sorts of cute stuff. I stood up against the glass and hissed at him, signaling to get off my humans, but he didn't get it. He just looked at me like, "Do you want to be friends?"

Not this time. Maybe later.

After this failure, I went to peek into the conference room. There are kittens everywhere! Remember, vote Sonny for purrsident for free spay and neuter for all!

Kittens are a lot of work too. If you adopt me instead I already know how to behave. I don't climb in the curtains or try to do back-flips and land on the TV. Because I'm a good cat.

What are you doing today?
Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 128, 23 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

I normally like Mondays, but today I'm soooo bored.

My roommate left on a mission without me. The toys keep me company, but they're not the same as a purrson's attention.

Typist has petted me, but she smelled like other cats. Black cat, white cat, all sorts of cats. And, she had Doritos and didn't let me taste. Yes, I'm on special food and yes, Doritos may give me a tummy ache. I still want at least a little corner of one.

Guess I'm just in a strange mood - the countdown to my full year at Cat Depot is getting to me. I asked typist if I'm the cat who has been here the longest, and she said, "almost." She said Squeakers came in early March last year. Second longest is Yoshi, then Carmen, Bobby, and me.

If Bobby can't get a home I don't know how I'll be able to. He's a purrfect gentleman, handsome, outgoing, and only four years old.

Come to think about it, I should make him a member of my cabinet. He will be secretary of healthcare.

I will sneak out into the adoptions hall and meow to him about that. I'm sure he'll accept, and he'll be great at it. Free spay and neuter for all!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 127, 25 days left until my Cat Depot anniversary

Both typist and roommate said I got a lot of attention after yesterday's post of my upcoming Cat Depot anniversary. Several people have been interested in taking me home - but they all have cats.

I'd barely seen another cat before I came to Cat Depot. I'm kind of getting used to them, but most don't stay here long enough for me to get to know them. I don't know if I could learn to share my purrson or not. There have been kitties I've liked meeting through the door, but there was a safe glass in the way. I just don't know...

Something else happened yesterday that really lifted my spirits: the mailman brought me a large envelope. Inside was a fun cat toy. A new friend! I was a little worried that he would fly away, but he didn't, so maybe he likes hanging out with me.

There was a card too. I've been practicing reading, and roommate only needed to help me a little. 

Sonny reads his card














You know what else is really good? I'm sure you've seen my vice-purrsident, Whitey Wobbles? His mom volunteers here, and she's here today. We're still celebrating Cinco de Meow, and all festivities are better with friends!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Purrs from Sonny 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 126, I've almost been at Cat Depot for a year!

As much as I like Cat Depot and my humans here, I often miss being at home. I remember things like sitting down in the evening to watch TV with my purrson. So nice! Sometimes I worry it will never happen again. Here everyone disappears in the evening, and it's just me, alone in my office. I arrived here on June 1st 2015, so I will soon have been here a full year!

My roommate told me to mention that I can be fostered-to-adopt, in case someone wants to try taking me home. I don't take up a lot of room, I really don't.

Anymeows, we're having a busy day at Cat Depot today - it is Cinco de Meow! I saw Petunia dressed up for the occasion, there are snacks, music, and all sorts of fun. We cats know how to throw a good party, so we'll keep celebrating through the weekend.

I haven't talked much about my purrsidential campaign lately, so much keep getting in the way, but I'm definitely still running for purrsident. I heard that some of my competition has dropped out. Good! More voters for me. Remember, vote Sonny for peace, love, and cookies!

Meows from Sonny

PS In case you're wondering about the mysteries from the other day, I caught Simon pulling a toy out of the toy container, so I think he caused most of the mess. And Lola, who looked so innocent and claimed she could never jump as far up as the desk, sat on it when I peeked through her door. The kittens and the dog might have been innocent. This time.

Sonny with an important official message

Day 125, Important message from the Meow Mayor

Today, I have an important official message.

This morning Cat Care found all this string in one of the pods.

I'm not a stranger to eating string myself, but it can be very dangerous to cats. String, ribbon, tinsel, dental floss, rubber bands, any kind of string that is not made for eating can kill us!

I meowed with the humans here at Cat Depot, asking why it's so dangerous. Their answer scared me.

They say string can wrap around the base of a cat's tongue or get caught in the stomach while the rest of it makes its way towards the litter box. Then, the anchored part makes the cat's inside fold up. Immediate surgery may save us, with luck.

The human who left all this string in the pod probably did it with the best intentions, thinking it would be fun for us to play with, but it could be very dangerous. When I inspected the yarn some of the edges looked chewed upon. Now I can only keep my paws crossed that no one ate any of it. 

Even a mature cat such as myself can fall for the temptation. Imagine the danger to the young ones who still have to learn about life!

If you see something like this, please speak up. It could save one of us. It could save me!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 124, Mysteries at Cat Depot

I'm sure you've heard about kitten season? Well, it's here, and they're everywhere. I even saw a little rascal playing with my stuff on typist's desk today. She was really small and cute so I'll let it slide, as long as they don't make a habit out of it.

Honeysuckle, kitten at Cat Depot
















This little bundle of energy is named Honeysuckle.

If I'm elected purrsident, I promise free spay and neuter for all! Kittens shouldn't come into the world unwanted, and just think of the moms trying to feed and care for their little ones. 

Possibly related to kittens; we've had a series of mysteries at Cat Depot. As Meow Mayor, it's my duty to investigate these reports from the other cats. I suspect all these kittens are involved somehow, but I have yet to prove it.

Mystery one:

Our new volunteer purrson Joe brought a holder for his business cards, and found it broken on the floor.

Lola, his roommate, is worried she'll get the blame.

Lola, adoptable cat at Cat Depot











Mystery two:

Simon and Marley say a toy box in their room just exploded and spread things everywhere. They have no idea how it happened, but now everyone thinks they were up to mischief.

They're clearly innocent.


Simon and Marley











I think the kittens did it. Not sure how they got into the rooms without being noticed, but it seems a logical conclusion. Unless someone brought a dog and I didn't notice.

Further investigations are in order. What do you think happened?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 123, Purrsidential business

I've been working on some purrsidential business and notes, and I worry the human candidates will attempt to imitate my strategies. As you can see on today's photo, I'm keeping a paw on things even when preparing for a nap, to make sure my notepad stays where it's supposed to be. Vote Sonny for peace, love, and cookies for all!

In other news, this has been an interesting weekend. There was a volunteer event on Saturday evening, and even though I didn't participate, I saw a lot through the glass door to my office. So many people, and I know almost all of them! 

I also had a wonderful visit during the weekend. You know how I came to Cat Depot when my purrson went over the Rainbow Bridge last year? Well, his relatives were here to see me. They used to come visit every day in the facility where I lived with my purrson, and it was so great to see them. They can't take me home because they have other cats, but I enjoyed meeting them.

Did you do something fun this weekend?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 122, Preparing for an event

Today has been an odd day, even for a Friday. There's an event tomorrow to celebrate Cat Depot volunteers, and all my humans have been busy preparing. Ergo, not petting me.

It sounds like a good party. They will have food, prizes, my friend Nat will play music, and there's a huge tent outside. I think that as Meow Mayor I should give out the prizes, but I think the volunteer purrson will get to do it.

This is what I thought they were working on until I walked down the corridor and saw typist sit in an office with a cat on her lap. Traitor.

I waited until she left and went up to the door to stare in at the guy on the other side. He didn't back down, he stared right back at me!

Behind me, the humans in the staff area chuckled, as if we were really entertaining to watch, and typist finally said, "Sonny, leave him alone. He's much lonelier than you, and you don't need to be jealous."

Fine. Being alone in an office and not being allowed to leave it would be boring, so I'll let it slide. As long as he doesn't try to charm my roommate too. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Later in the day, typist made it up to me. She brought me a new friend: Pink Platypus. He's really good at snuggling. I'm keeping my eyes on him, because it's not natural to be this soft and fluffy, but he seems okay.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 121, Sunny with a good chance of naps

Humans are funny in many ways. They are so not like cats, not even a little bit.

For example, if I'm sleepy, I find a good spot for a nap. Any spot can be a good spot as long as it's large enough to fit. 

Humans drink coffee.

Both roommate and typist seem very fond of coffee. It doesn't smell like something a cat would like at all.

Today was a nice sunshiny day with a good chance of naps. For me, because I'm a cat, hehe. They drink coffee and play with their computers

I have also had a visitor who said I was very handsome. That's always fun to hear. And, I've seen a lot of kittens. 

That's another big difference between me and the humans: they get all excited about kittens, call me over to look, and talk about how cute they are. Me, I see more hungry little mouths to feed, and more competition for the purrfect home. 

I'd try to turn them into voters, but they were much too tiny to be allowed to make any major decisions. Probably haven't even learned to use a keyboard yet.

Now I must take another nap to gather energy to go explore.

Meows from Sonny 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 120, Busy Cat!

Today has been a busy day. I overheard the humans talk about an upcoming event. They seemed really excited, and when they asked for my help I promised to do my best to pitch in.

My friend Kim brought a little hat and asked me to pose while she took photos. I think I look really good in it.

Can you guess from the hat what it will be?

Next week, we're celebrating Cinco de Meow!

I've never done it before, but it sounds like fun. Or, to be purrfectly honest, I stopped listening when I heard the word "Snacks." If there's stuff to eat I'm not supposed to have, I'm in!

Speaking of eating things I shouldn't, I might be in a little bit of trouble. I was supposed to stay with typist this morning, but she stopped paying attention, so I wandered off to explore instead.

The door to the adoptions' section of Cat Depot was open and I found the jackpot in the corridor. Cat Care had prepared breakfast for all the kitties there, and the bowls were outside the pods!

I ate as fast as I could to get as much as possible before anyone discovered me. Funny how food you're not supposed to have tastes much better than your own...

When I heard footsteps approach, I hurried a little extra, and then I ran back to typist to jump up on her desk and pretend I'd been there all along. Too bad Lynn had already seen me and.  Now everyone knows it's my own fault if I get a tummy ache.

Oh well, it was worth it.

How is your day going?


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 119, I am the master of technology!

I wanted to get back to my purrsidential campaign today, but I had to help the humans instead. As Meow Mayor I strive to be helpful, like you can see on today's picture, where I'm assisting my roommate with important work.

Anymeows, the Cat Depot humans had computer problems. Normally my friend Tim would take care of it, but he wasn't here, so typist needed to step up to the challenge. I have spent a lot of time napping on keyboards and assimilated computer knowledge through my skin, so I knew I had to help. We had an IT purrson on the phone and set out to solve the problem.

One of the obstacles to overcome was kind of silly in my opinion: finding the password to the server. I was so sure it would be, "Sonny is Cute" or "More Toona for the Cats" but nothing I came up with was right. Tim clearly needs to look over this when he returns.

As we waited for the machine to reboot, typist looked closer at one of the other servers and said, "Sonny, what is this?"

To my embarrassment, she pulled out orange cat hair from the USB ports. I couldn't even say it wasn't mine, because it had my color!

What can I say... I like electronics. I particularly like sleeping on it, because it's nice and warm.

And you know what? Today came with even more fun! I had visitors who played with me, and I made them laugh. Joy!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 118, Sweet Freedom

Monday, glorious Monday!

What's so good about it?

I'm free!

Technically, I was free during the weekend, but since it was weekend, my regular humans weren't here. I knew it was weekend, but I still went out to look for typist many, many times. 

Today I have roamed around and done all the things l like to do. I spent some time helping my roommate, of course, but I've also enjoyed checking out the corridors, seeing who moved into the offices close to mine, and hanging out in the staff area.

I made biscuits on my bed on typist's desk. I missed it! As you can see on today's picture, I'm really content curling up on it, keeping her company.

Maybe, if you come to 'dopt me, I could have one of these beds on a spot close to you?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 117, Plots and Plans

Typist says I sometimes look like I'm up to something. Don't know what she means by that; I'm just pondering whether I can jump to the top of the shelf and get the toy that's up there, or if I should take a nap.

I guess you could argue I'm not supposed to have the toy since they put it out of reach, but that's just silly. 

My roommate is away today. Typist helped me text with her - I said that I would take the opportunity to order lots of treats and toys since I'm the boss when she's not here. She asked where I order all these things, and I said it's a secret. As Meow Mayor I can't give everything away.

Speaking of treats and toys - the contest where I'm trying to win money for toys for all the Cat Depot kitties isn't going all that well. I have 365 votes and I'm in third place, but the person in the lead has 665. I don't understand how the purrsidential candidate number one - me - can have only half the votes of that other cat. Weird!

If you want to vote, this is the place: bit.ly/1r51vz3

Typist says she thinks the weekly winners will be chosen by the people holding the contest and that the overall winner will be chosen by votes, so maybe I still have a chance. If she's right, I might be chosen on pure cuteness, and maybe I can keep gather votes while everyone else forgets about the contest...

Anymeows, have a great weekend, everyone!

Purrs from Sonny 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 116, In the dog house

This morning I took a little nap in my bed on my desk, preparing to assist my roommate with the tasks of the day. I was in for a surprise: she brought her dog to visit.

Dogs don't bother me and Mimi is cute, but this time she wanted things to change - in my room. Sheesh, dogs! Before I knew it, my regular blankets and chair covers were replaced with pink. I'm a cat in the dog house...

And, I'm orange. Pink is not my color.

Mimi is black and looks great on pink, it matched her collar and leash too, but she already has a home. Who cares if she looks cute or not?

To make matters worse, she borrowed my bed. It smells like dog now.

Mimi, Sonny's new roommate

















You know what that means, right?

If I lie it, I might smell like dog too. Icky!

How is your day going?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 115, Modeling for the store

Today, I snuck out of my room. I thought no one would notice, but they found me at once. Typist said, "Sorry, Sonny, I would love to have you out here, but you have to stay in your room just a couple days more."

I obeyed, but I suspect they do all sorts of fun stuff out there when I'm not around.

Doesn't matter, my roommate and I have fun too. Today, she pulled out her secret toy stash and I got to check out a lot of the things.

Then, typist came and asked if I wanted to model. Of course I said Meow!

See the cute little bow tie I'm wearing on today's photo? It's a collar with the bow-tie attached, and they're for sale in the Cat Depot store. My roommate said I looked so cute that Bow-Tie the cat might become envious of my photo. He has quite an assortment so I'm not too worried about it.

Do I look dapper?

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 114, Squeakers

Just a few days left of confinement. I've helped my roommate a lot through checking what she's doing, typing, and holding down her papers. 

Since I haven't been able to do anything fun myself, I asked typist to hand over the keyboard to our longest resident: Squeakers. She has been here for a very long time and I feel bad for her. It's sad and a little scary, because if it can happen to her, it can happen to me too.

"Hi everyone. I'm soft, affectionate, and I have a really cute purr. I came to Cat Depot when my owner fell ill, and I didn't think I'd be here for very long. That was in March 2015, over a year ago. A human year is a long time for a cat.

I don't understand why no one wants me. I'm very sweet, and my nose is purrfect for booping. Look, it almost looks like a heart! There's nothing wrong with me, but I'm always left behind.

A lot of people come to visit me, and I really appreciate that, but I wish someone would take me home.

Every night I fall asleep wishing I'll wake up at home, but it never happens. Would you come see me?

Soft purrs from Squeakers."

Squeakers, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Handsome Sonny

Day 113, Monday again

This was a sleepy weekend. I'm not allowed to roam or have visitors for a few more days, so there's not much to do except take a nap. Luckily, I'm a cat, so I'm really good at napping.

You know what's not good at napping?


They keep coming in, stealing all the thunder with their adorable antics. When they sleep they really sleep, but in between they have so much energy. Much better to go with a mature cat such as myself. I can play when the occasion calls for it - and relax the rest of the time.

The humans say kittens are smoochable. Well, I'm smoochable too. Look at my face. Who wouldn't want to cuddle with me? I can't wait until I'm allowed to have visitors again. I'm sure my furever home is just around the corner. It has to be my turn soon, right?

In other news, I have been keeping an eye on the photo contest I'm in. For a while I did really well and thought I might actually win, but I have fallen behind.

The cat in the lead now has twice as many votes as I do, and I'm down on third place! I really wanted to be able to buy cat toys for everyone here - it's hard to make money when you're a cat - but typist said not to lose hope yet. There are a few more days of voting and maybe I can catch up.

If you haven't voted for me yet, the link is here:  http://woobox.com/tigenr/gallery/QXaFzjcH7MA

On the photo, I'm helping typist check her computer. She seems to think I'm pulling cables out of her computer. Wrong. In reality, I'm checking they're all where they're supposed to be.

Did you do something fun this weekend?

Meow with you soon!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 112, Important Meow Mayor business

I expected a calm Friday since I'm not supposed to leave the office, or have visitors. Boy was I wrong.

Roommate and Typist came in and said they needed my paw print. It made me worry I might be going in some form of offender database. Imagine what a disastrous effect that would have on my purrsidential campaign!

I was relieved when they pulled out a birthday card. Today is the birthday of one of Cat Depot's founders, and they wanted me to sign his card.

I put my little paw on a pad with blue paint, and then on the card. The first try didn't turn out all that well, so I had to do it again. Great practice for all the documents I will have to sign if I make office.

Afterwards I ran around on roommate's desk and put blue pawprints on everything. She didn't appreciate the effort as much as I thought she would; she tried to wipe the blue off my foot, but it wouldn't come off, so she lifted me to take me to medical and get help cleaning me.

On the way there, I made sure to put blue pawprints on her white shirt. Hehe.

This time I knew the vet tech was there to help me get all nice and clean again, so I behaved very well as she wiped my paw.

Overall, the project was a great success.

In other news, typist entered us in a photo contest. The theme is couples, but she's not in the picture. She said I help her so much at work through stepping on the keyboard, sitting on her papers, and checking if all cables are plugged in, we count as a team. Check this out and vote for me - you'll recognize my cute little orange face sticking up behind typist's monitor.

All this excitement has made me feel like napping. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 111, My stand-in sleeps on the job

I am so grateful for the outpurr of support from all of you after my mishap yesterday. I would like to say it will never happen again, but it probably wouldn't be truthful. I am a cat after all.

Since I'm now stuck in my office, I've made the best of the day and gotten some good naps in. I've also overseen my roommate's projects for the day.

It's difficult to purrform my duties as Meow Mayor when I can't move around, and I asked Chester to fill in for me until I'm free to roam once again. His coat is almost the same color as mine, and he's eight years old, so he should be old enough to be responsible.

Or, maybe not.

Typist returned with this photo of what he did all day. 

Chester sleeping on the job

I admit I take naps every now and then, but this is some serious sleeping on the job. I might have to re-think my decision.


Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 110, I did something naughty

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make. I considered not telling, but as purrsidential candidate it's probably best to come out clean.

I did something naughty, and now I must accept a ten day room arrest.

There was this really nice young woman who came to visit me. She petted me and everything was purrsome. Typist says that's how many purrsidential scandals start. That may be the case, but I'm pretty sure they don't end this way: I might have accidentally... bit my guest.


She forgave me and said that these things happen, but the damage was already done. Both to her, and to my campaign. My roommate isn't here today, but when she returns I must meow with her about the best way to regain everyone's trust. 

In other, less embarrassing news, some of you have asked about Stardust. She is on vacation in a foster home.

I will go nap now.


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 109, I don't like people in blue scrubs

After yesterday's journal entry, people have asked me about the big, wooden box. I haven't figured it out yet.

It has a small staircase on one side, so it would be easy to get on top of it without even jumping, and there's an entrance to go into it. Typist calls it furniture. I believe further investigation is in order.

I thought of test-napping it, but it wasn't in the sunshine, so I just rubbed up against it to make it smell right and went home to my desk instead.

Now, you would think a cat would be able to sneak a good nap in his own bed on his own desk. Right?

Not around here. One of the vet techs came and tried to pet me. I love when my regular humans come to visit. Vet techs, not so much.

I know what goes on in their room. They take your temperature and give you medicines and baths and other unpleasant and inappropriate things.

For the longest time, people wearing blue scrubs would come by twice a day and force me to take a pill. Yuck!

To make matters worse, typist just stood there and watched these attempts at making friends with me. She's supposed to be on my side and protect me. 

I guess the vet tech wasn't really giving me anything this time, but you never know what they're up to. Sneak up on you looking all friendly, and before you know it, there's a pill going down your throat.

They feed me too. Wonder if the food is safe. From now on, I will be suspicious against everything that isn't delivered by my roommate.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 108, New day, new week

Monday again. I've lost track of how many Mondays have come and gone since I've been here, but there are many. It's okay - I like them. I miss my humans when they're not here.

Today, I've napped on typist's desk, and purrformed some important Meow Mayor duties. A lot of things pass through my domain. Some are purchased, and others donated. I need to check everything out and make sure it's Sonny approved.

This big box, for instance. I'm not sure where we got it or where it's going, but I like it.

Tammi, adoptable cat at Cat DepotDuring the weekend, I resumed interviews for my cabinet. Today, I would like to introduce my Secretary of Naps: Tammi

Typist says it's really called "Health and Human Services," but I think we can shorten it to naps. Because, everyone can use one, and they're good for your health!

Tammi loves to nap, so I find her well qualified. She is four years old, and besides napping, she says she enjoys being brushed. 

Love, Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 107, Meet my Secretary of Energy

I've been slacking with my duties as purrsidential candidate. I should probably say something about it, so everyone remembers for whom to vote. Me, that is.

As you know, cats are experts at napping, especially in a nice and warm ray of sunshine, so we instinctively know about solar power and conserving energy. 

Squeakers, adoptable cat at Cat DepotMy friend Squeakers excels at napping and purring. She is nearly eleven years old, so she is mature enough to know how to behave in official settings, and she has graciously agreed to be my Secretary of Energy.

She has been at Cat Depot even longer than I have - she arrived March 7th 2015, so she has been here more than a year. If anyone deserves a place on my crew, it's her.

Plus, she has such pretty blue eyes. Her nose almost looks like a heart. Typist says she's really soft too.

Have a purrsome weekend everyone, I will meow with you on Monday!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 106, The kittens are back

If and when I become purrsident, one of my first decisions will be free spay and neuter for all. Why? Well, there are kittens streaming into this place, it's like they pop out of the ground. My roommate say we took in almost 1,000 last year, and there may very well be more this year.

Practically, from my point of view, everyone gets distracted with youth and overlook the mature kitties like me. I guess the little tykes are cute, but so much work!

I snuck into medical earlier and meowed with the mom in there. She had half a dozen little furballs climbing all over her and she seemed exhausted. But, she said she was happy to be safe and not have to worry about feeding them anymore.

Just looking at them made me exhausted, and I retired to my bed on typist's desk for a nap. It's a purrfect spot in the afternoons, because she has one of the few windows in the building, and I can nap in a ray of sunshine.

In other news, someone crashed into our fence last night. I guess they were in a hurry to come see us cats and didn't have time to wait for Cat Depot to open? 

I'd better make sure to get a good nap right now, while things are calm around here. Meow with you tomorrow!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 105, Throwing a party with my friends

I've gotten a lot of new friends lately. Most of them arrived in the mail, like these two. 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot











Some just showed up, sitting on my bed. They don't talk or move much, and I haven't seen any of them try to steal my food, so I guess they can stay. One of them holds a golf ball and he seems quite attached to it. To each his own, I guess.

 Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot







Roommate said most of my new friends belong to something called Star Wars. I never get to watch TV or movies or anything, because my room doesn't have a TV, so I meowed that she should take me to the movie theater to see it. From what I hear, cats aren't allowed.

Can you believe that? A place where cats aren't allowed? I'm a good cat, I would behave!

Typist said that once I find my home, maybe I can watch TV with my family, and maybe they'll let me see Star Wars. Sounds like a plan.

And you know what? I might be able to get off my medication. I bet not having to take medicine every day would improve my chances.

We're doing a test right now, and the humans said it's very important I don't eat anything except my own food. That just gets so boring, so I have snuck out of my room several times to see what the other cats have. I know I shouldn't, but the forbidden fruit is so good!

How is your day going?

Meows from Sonny 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 104, Strong with the Purr

Remember the toy mice yesterday who wanted to take over the world? I promised to keep my eyes on them? Well, reinforcements arrived later in the day. I got an envelope, and inside was Yoda. Strong with the purr, he is!

Typist said, "Oooh look, he matches your eyes." I guess, but that's not the point. He is fun to play with, and good to nap with. I used him for a pillow yesterday and he didn't seem to mind.

Over to some more serious matters: Purrsidential business.

Coral, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Let me introduce, my new Secretary of Toys and Treats: Coral.

Roommate says the correct title is "Secretary of the Treasury" but I think Toys and Treats sounds much better.

Toys and Treats are Treasures, at least if you're a cat, and they should be to everyone else too.

Coral came in with her sister, Octopus. They are only one, so still almost kittens, and very much qualified to work with toys, treats, and other treasures.

Plus, they're cute. Just look at those eyes!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny has visitors

Day 103, Did you have a good weekend? I had a great weekend!

With both roommate and typist abandoning me for the weekend, I didn't have high hopes. But, it turned out purrsome. I had visitors! Today's photo shows Daniele and Bridget cuddling with me. Did I like the attention? Well, check out my tail; that is an excited tail.

Today has been exciting too. I went out to the staff area to say hi to typist, and there was a box on her desk.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

It was from that company that makes cardboard boxes for cats. You know, the ones with a huge smiling face on them. It had my name on the label!

Naturally, I plunged in to investigate. And, naturally typist managed to snap my photo at the most goofy-looking moment. Figures.

She helped me read the rest of the text. The box came from my friend Mike in Texas.

I refused to step out of the box until she said, "Okay, let's go to your room and unpack it.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat DepotIt was hard to know if I should look at the camera so everyone can see how cute I am, or if I should investigate the toys. I did my best to compromise. 

There were several toy mice, and a super fun toy to hang on the wall.

Thank you Mike!




Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAll these mice said they're here to take over the world. I'd better keep an eye on them - as Meow Mayor and Purrsidential candidate I can't let them get away with using the force all willy-nilly.

Roommate freed them from the cardboard too. Nothing hindering them from wrecking havoc but me. Don't worry; I'm on the job.

In other news, Dawson - one of my cabinet members - was adopted this weekend. I'm now interviewing other Cat Depot cats to find a replacement.

Meows from Sonny



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 102, Not funny!

Apparently, today is April Fool's Day, and the humans love playing pranks on each other. That's fine, but I don't like when they involve us cats in it. They posted "All cats adopted, next week Dog Depot will open" on the large sign outside the building. 

Then, they posted a picture of a dog working the store on Facebook. A dog! They certainly didn't run all this by me, and I have not been adopted. I ran around and checked all the other rooms, and most of the kitties I know are still here. 

Typist tried to explain the tradition of April first and jokes to me. She said that if the joke is so apparently not true that people don't fall for it, it's harmless. I guess, but I still don't think it was funny.

In other news, I've been expanding my office skills through learning to use the stapler. You believe me, right? Because I certainly wouldn't April Fool anyone. Not me.


Dawson, Sonny's Secretary of the InteriorOver to more serious matters. Let me introduce my new Secretary of the Interior: Dawson.

My roommate explained this position is responsible for management and conservation of natural resources, and coordinates federal policies, and a lot of other stuff.

Dawson was found wandering the woods of Georgia, so he has first-hand experience with the natural resources.

He is four years old; old enough to be mature while still being filled with energy, and he gets along with everyone. That's a good quality since this position requires interacting with lots of people. 

This was a lot of work for one day. I'm heading off for a nap. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 101, Caught sleeping on the job

This morning, typist caught me sleeping on the job. I opened one eye and saw her fumble with her camera, but I still didn't have time to stretch and look awake before she snapped away. Thus, I look sleepy and grumpy on today's photo - and she has proof of me not working. 

Once I woke up, the day turned out to be pretty nice. I had visitors: Sue-Ellen Welfonder gave a fantastic chin rub. Typist told me later that Sue-Ellen is a writer, and showed me one of her books. Wonder if any of them has a yellow cat. 

Later, I went over to meow with Carmen about working on my Purrsidential staff. 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCarmen is almost twelve years old and she only has three legs, so she has more life experience than most.

She told me her elderly owner couldn't care for her any longer, so she ended up at Cat Depot. She has been here a year on Monday, can you believe that?

Anymeows, we decided that she will be a purrfect Secretary of Transportation, because she knows how hard it can be to get around.

What do you think? Good choice?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 100

Today is a big day - the 100th post in my journal. When I started sharing my days on the Internet, I thought I'd be doing it for a couple of weeks. Surely it would be no longer than 30 entries. Today, we're at 100.

During all these days I have made friends all over the USA and in other countries, and your support and encouragement means so much to me. You help me believe in a furever after where I too find a family. Without you, seeing the numbers rise like this would be discouraging.

I haven't celebrated much. I started the day on typist's desk, helping her proof a grant application. She said that my lying on it didn't help all that much, but that it's okay, because I'm so cute. She doesn't believe me, but I read the whole thing through body contact. It was purrfect, no editing needed. Of course it's purrfect - I helped write it.

Today's picture shows me helping with the editing. I'm really good at that.

I've also had a very nice visitor named Warren. I don't think he was looking to adopt a cat, but he was really good at petting me.

I'm going back to napping now. Hope everyone has a good day!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 99, Overseeing office activities

Today I spent the morning in the staff area, making sure everyone did what they were supposed to. Leaning my elbow on the keyboard is apparently frowned upon. Why do they put it on the desk, in the perfect spot for cuddling and napping if it can't be touched? Odd.

When I was done with my office chores I took a stroll in the corridor, looking for Stardust. I wanted to ask if she wants to be first lady, but she was off on some adventure, so I just stole some of her food and moved on. 

Cookie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotNext stop was meowing with Cookie. It took me some searching to find her, but I finally spotted her in an office.

She was born in West Africa and came to the USA with a military family. So far so good - until her purrson entered an assisted living facility and she ended up here. 

With so much life experience and having seen more than one continent I thought she'd be a purrfect Secretary of State.

She hesitated at first, saying she doesn't like stress, but I meowed that there's no stress involved. From what I understand, the Secretary of State is pretty much a foreign affairs adviser. She has experience, and humans don't speak cat very well, so most things they say are foreign to us anyway. Besides, Cookie loves people. She's the purrfect choice.

Meows from Sonny.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 98, Introducing my Secretary of Veterans' Affairs

Monday again. I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and that the long-eared bunny brought many eggs. I'm still trying to figure out where the bunny gets the eggs - I don't know all that much about bunnies, but I'm pretty sure they don't lay eggs. Do they? I might have one of my assistants look into this.

In other meows, I'm delighted that The Observer featured my campaign this weekend! I now have hashtags: #Sonny2016 and #VoteForSonny. 

Sonny's campaign for purrsident featured by the Observer

Do you want to hear some more really exciting news? I have confirmed my nomination for Secretary of Veterans' Affairs.

Yoshi has promised to support me and fill this important role. He is purrfect, because he is almost fifteen years old, and he knows what he meows about.

Yoshi, adoptable cat at Cat DepotYoshi's situation isn't unlike mine. He too came to Cat Depot when his owner died. This past weekend, he celebrated his Cat Depot anniversary. I think he would much rather have spent the past year in a home than here.

Typist asked me to point out that his nomination for my cabinet in no way prevents Yoshi from being adopted, and that in this day and age, many cats live to their twenties.

From what I hear, some of the younger cats tease him and say he doesn't have a chance of getting 'dopted, because younger cats are more popular. I hope it's not true, for all of us who have reached our middle-age. I also hope his working on my campaign will give him publicity and help him find a purrfect family.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny as the Easter Bunny

Day 97, Do I look like a bunny to you?

When I first heard of the Easter Bunny I was very excited - I thought an actual bunny would come to Cat Depot to hand out toys and treats to all us cats. 

Guess what? The bunny is allegedly so busy helping children that we cats have to fend for ourselves. My roommate put these ears on me and explained that as Meow Mayor, it's my job to take care of the other kitties.

I wanted to meet the Easter Bunny, I didn't intend to be the Easter Bunny.

It's okay. I got extra cuddles for the trouble. Though, next year I think our mascot Petunia should be doing this instead of me. 

Meows from Sonny

Sonny talking business

Day 96, Let's talk business!

Today, I have my serious face on. It came to my attention that the upcoming Easter holiday will disturb my schedule. The humans find it prudent to close for Easter Sunday. I guess they'll be off playing with the Easter Bunny or something like that.

At times like these, I realize who my real supporters are in this building: Cat Care. My other humans disappear off on errands of their own, but the humans in Cat Care come in every day around the year to make sure I have what I need. We, I mean. Make sure all the cats have what we need, not just me. But I'm sure I'm the most impurrtant.

Typist said, "Sonny, it's just one day."


In other news, my Vice President Whitey Wobbles and I got a wonderful gift on Facebook. Look at this drawing of Whitey!

Whitey Wobbles










Thank you Stacey Lynn for making this for us. Whitey looks great!

I am so happy to feel the support for my purrsidential campaign.

Meows from Sonny 

Sonny has visitors from Washington DC

Day 95, Visitors from Washington DC!

Dear journal, what a marvelous day!

Bow-Tie accepted the job as my media relations cat in case I win the purrsidential elections. Wonderful news, because he knows what he's doing.

And, I had visitors! I'm so happy we're open again so people can come see me.

The Copeland family came all the way from Washington DC to see me, pet me, and play with me. Not sure how far away that is, but typist said it's very far.

I got to show my vast playing skills, and how cute I can be when someone's cuddling with me. Meeting them was purrsome.

My friend Travis here at Cat Depot showed them around and brought them to me, and she told me that Washington DC is where the purrsident lives. If everyone there is as nice as they were, being purrsident would be easy.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny and the Copeland family

Sonny and the Copeland family

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 94, Important News

I know I promised to introduce my cabinet for my purrsidential campaign, but I have even more important news to share. I asked for a purrsidential hat to wear, so everyone could see that this is the real deal.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Turns out Cat Depot doesn't have a hat. My friends tried to make me one, but it was hard to balance and fell off every time I moved my head. Thus, I couldn't really strike the purrsidential pose I desired.

It's not their fault. They did their best. 

Instead, typist Photoshopped a hat on me, with stars and stripes and all. Which hat do you think fits me the best?

Anymeows, the great and important news: Cat Depot will reopen tomorrow, March 23rd, at 11 AM. 

We will keep regular hours, weekdays 11-7 and weekends 11-5 except for Easter Sunday when the other kitties and I will settle in to wait for the Easter-bunny-cat. 

Come see us! We miss our visitors and can't wait to meet you again!

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 93, Monday again

Monday again. The human cleaning efforts seem to be winding down. Hopefully they've gotten tired of it so life can return to normal soon. I miss having visitors, and I don't know how I'll ever get 'dopted when people can't see me. 

Typist helped me look in the calendar, and I came to Cat Depot on June 1st last year. I would like to leave before my anniversary. If you know anyone who might take me home, please tell them about me.

Whitey Wobbles, Sonny's Vice PresidentIn other news, people have been asking about my running for purrsident and my team. First I should probably point out that no one in my top staff is up for 'doption - they all have homes.

If I am elected, Whitey Wobbles will be vice president. He is wise and kind, and I think he is a perfect candidate.

I am hoping Bow-Tie, spokes cat for special needs kitties, will be willing to handle media relations. He has extensive experience with everything from photographers to writing.

My old friend Koda wants in on all this too. He's young, only two and a half, so I'm thinking of making him minister of toys. Or technology.

I need more help, of course. I will meow with the kitties here at Cat Depot and introduce my cabinet members as they are appointed.

Until then, have a great day!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 92, Peace, Quiet, and Naps

Today is turning out to be a purrfect Friday. Everyone is where they're supposed to be and I have gotten plenty of cuddles. My roommate sat down to write Thank You cards to some of the people who help us and I decided to get a little nap in, using her hand as a pillow.

Of course, the rules for humans state they're not allowed to move while a pet sleeps on them, so it was a good thing she had many cards to write - and that she writes with her other hand.

In other news, I think we're closing in on a human holiday. I've heard the cats meow about something called Easter. I don't think Santa Paws will come this time, but there was something about a bunny giving out treats. Wonder if he comes to cats too. Can't wait to see what will happen.

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 91, Stop putting me in the carrier!

After a couple of nice days, the human cleaning frenzy struck again. I don't know why they keep cleaning my office - I haven't had time to make it dirty since last time. Hiding seemed a good strategy, but before I knew what was happening, I was stuck in a carrier again.

I heard other kitties in the corridor, and Stardust called for me!

She meowed, "Sonny, are you there? Is that you? They've put me in a carrier. Come help me!"

Not answering would be rude. I had to confess. "I can't. Come get me too."

"Sonny, come get me out. I don't want to be in here!"

This is the first time she has asked me for anything and I pawed at the door, but it wouldn't budge. All the humans around me looked sympathetic and said, "Only for a few minutes, buddy" and "We're almost done." Not helpful.

Both typist and roommate looked concerned, but they didn't lift a finger to help.


I'm back in my office now. Roommate brought me some new toys and typist found my carrot and blue fish. I intend to spend the rest of the day on this chair, making sure nothing more traumatic happens.


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 90, Did you vote?

My decision yesterday to run for purrsident received a much warmer welcome than I expected. I am so very grateful for everyone's support!

I usually don't care about the newspapers, but this morning I snuck out of the office and hurried over to the break room to get a peek.

None of them mentioned me. There was a lot of blah blah about the bi-ped candidates, but not one word about the charming, furry, four-footed option. Me, that is. 

Remember, vote for Sonny.

Peace, Love, and Cookies for All.

Not to mention all the other good stuff I want to implement, such as afternoon naps and playtime.

In other important matters, I believe Stardust was on her way to come see me this morning, but cat care intercepted her. My campaign might be working wonders my charm alone could not achieve. I need to sneak out of the office and go meow with her. They're getting better at closing the door, but I find ways around it.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny for President!

Day 89, Peace, Love, and Cookies for All!

It has been brought to my attention that today is some form of election day in Florida. I have only one thing to say about this: Vote for Sonny!

I promise peace, love, and cookies for all.

Furthermore, free spay and neuter, more toys for everyone, more catnip, and more treats.

If I am elected, I will also legislate about afternoon nap time and more playtime for everyone. This image shows my purrsidential stare. I will use this expression when putting my paw on matters that matter, such as cookies.

Yours truly,

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 88, Monday - and what a Monday

Let's talk. Serious now. Being a cat I enjoy my naps, and I like to sleep until my humans arrive to the office. Today everyone came in way too early. What's up with that?

I don't like breakfast being late, but early also poses problems. Like, how are you supposed to enjoy a meal before you're done napping? Silly people. And, why would anyone start to work while it's still dark outside? Humans don't even see in the dark, so they have to turn the lights on, and everything becomes much too bright.

The humans attempted to explain with some nonsense about daylight and springing forward. I walk, leap, or run. I want to see a human springing before I try myself. And take some advice from a cat: you always need more sleep.

Meows from Sonny



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 87, A purrsome day!

After yesterday's chaos with cleaning and the dreaded bath, I have cherished the peace of Friday. I spent the morning napping, trying to escape my office, napping, and napping some more.

I was just contemplating one more break-out attempt when I heard cheerful voices coming my way. It was my Internet friend Catherine who traveled all the way across the country to see me. I'm not sure where the state of New York is, but typist says it's definitely further than a cat can run in a day. It's even further than a human can drive in a day! 

She gave a fantastic chin rub, and brought treats! I might share some of them with Stardust, to see if that can win her over to my side. Or maybe not... She had toys for me too, and gifts for the other Cat Depot kitties!

What a wonderful day. Hope everyone has a meowing good Friday too!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 86, The cleaning frenzy has reached my office

What an upsetting day. When the humans first decided to close for deep cleaning I worried it would affect my ability to have visitors. Reality turned out to be much worse: the cleaning frenzy reached my office!

I hid, and as as soon as they weren't paying attention, I trotted out into the corridors. It took them a while to realize I was gone, but they found my hiding spot in the conference room. After that, I curled up on typist's desk and everything was pretty good - until all the noise and activity came there.

I ran for the conference room again, but this time they followed. "Sonny, you can't be in there."

What's that supposed to mean? I should be able to go anywhere I want.

They put me in a carrier. Let's stop and think about that for a moment. I, the meow mayor, was put in a carrier. With a blanket and a toy, but still humiliating.

I thought things couldn't get worse after that. 


My roommate said, "We're going to give you a special bath, Sonny."

I didn't enjoy that one bit. Not even a little. At least they let me go back to my room afterwards. It's so clean I barely recognize it, but it's still home. For now.

I'm going to take a nap now and try to get over all this.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 85, Internet problems

Today, the humans have something they call "Internet Problems." I didn't care much about that at first, until I realized it would affect my journal. Typist finally said, "Don't worry, I'll connect the computer to the phone." Problem solved.

The good side of failing technology is that Tim has spent some time in my room trying to fix the problem, and he is one of my favorites. I love sleeping on his keyboard when he's trying to use it. He was boring at first, on hold on the phone, and I think today's picture shows my thoughts about that. Why would anyone care about a phone when there's a cat in the room? Then I made him play with me. Yay!

I've gotten more mail too. More treats and a card to "The Kitties and Sonny Meow Mayor." I will share it with the others, but it has my name, so it's kind of mine.

One thing that has worried me this week was the humans talking about closing for cleaning. First of all, I believe there might be baths involved. I don't like baths. And second, how are people going to come visit me and maybe 'dopt me if we're closed?

I have a special visitor arriving on Friday too. Not sure how far she's traveling to see me, but I think it's really far. Luckily, roommate and typist are on top of it. My visitor will be able to see me. Phew!

I think that's all for now. Meow with you soon!



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 84, I have a box!

I've never been interested in mail before, but lately there has been a lot of envelopes and packages addressed to me. Imagine that, people go out of their way for little ole me! I have some really purrsome friends out there.

Yesterday I got a box from our friend Michael in Texas. I was delighted to just have the box to play with, and it became even more exciting when roommate and typist helped me dig out the goodies inside. 

Shelley reading a letter to SonnyFirst, roommate helped me read the letter. She knows that reading human is hard for cats, and every time I get a note, she reads it to me. I'm very lucky to have her.







Then, we moved on to the actual opening of the presents. Check out this huge bag of treats! I will share with the other kitties, but the first sniff was totally mine.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot













And the box held even more! A pull and play and string!!!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Thank you so much, everyone who thinks of me and the other kitties here. 

Meows from Sonny



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 83, The humans may gala, but I got toys!

This weekend was the big Cat Depot gala. I intended for Benny to go in my place, but he was adopted. Good for him. I sent some kittens instead, but I'm fairly sure they slept on the job, because not one of them reported back.

Luckily Bow-Tie, the spokescat, was on top of things. He said he had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, and even saw a couple of people wearing bow ties. Now I know I made the right decision in staying at home: I'm not a tie kind of guy. 

And you know what? Since I wasn't partying all night like some kittens I was fresh and bright-eyed on Sunday morning. Good thing, because I had a visitor. She brought toys and cuddles, and we had a great time.

I've seen a big box with my name on it too, I think someone sent me more presents! It's really good to be mayor. I will ask typist and roommate to open it with me, and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Did you have a good weekend?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 82, Staying on top of things

I'm writing my journal early today, because all the humans seem so busy with the gala and I'm worried they'll forget about meowing with me if I wait. I don't think they'll forget, but one never knows.

Last night there was a big meeting outside my room with volunteers talking about what to do tomorrow. I thought of going out there to sit on the podium. Someone needs to make sure everything proceeds according to cat approved protocols, but I got distracted by something on roommate's desk. 

Today I'm staying on top of this DVD player. I'm in charge of music and entertainment for the cats, and I have to make sure no one changes anything. And, it's warm and a good place to nap.

Hope everyone has a meowing good weekend. I'll keep an eye on everything during the weekend and tell you all about in on Monday.

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 81, I got presents!

Today, the humans here at Cat Depot have been really busy with gala preparations. That's okay, because I had a visitor. Her name is Kim, and I sometimes meow with her on Facebook. She gave fantastic chin rubs - and she brought presents! 

I got a fun toy that looks like a mouse with super-fuzzy ears, a bag of treats, and a toy with edible string. As you can see on the picture, I supervised unpacking.

Then, I wanted to play with the string, and typist kept taking photos. Disturbing my fun time. Really?

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

I hope everyone else had a great day too. I'm going to go play with my wobbly stringy toy thing now.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 80, Helping with the book

I have exciting news: the book the humans have been working on is almost done. When it's printed, everyone who adopts a cat will get one, and it's filled with tips about bringing home a new cat. All that is good, but the even better news: I'm on the cover.

Someone thought it unfair that I would be on the cover because I already get so much attention, but typist had the purrfect answer: "Sonny's fans have requested it." And it's true. I read the posts myself.

On today's photo you can see me assisting with the editing process. I placed myself between the keyboard and the monitors, so the humans couldn't miss my input. Oddly enough, I still didn't see anyone type, "Sonny must be allowed to eat whatever he wants" or "All catnip toys belong to Sonny." Oh well. 

What else is new? Well, remember I told you the other day that I was getting new cat neighbors in the offices? I have spied out who now stays in Tiggy's old room. It is a girl named Stardust, and she's really cute. I stuck my nose in through the door ever so little and she panicked, running for her roommate's lap. I clearly have to apply more charm to win her over.

Typist went in there to make friends and came out smelling like black cat. She was supposed to put in a good word for me, but I don't think she got around to it. From what I hear, she just had Stardust on her lap and petted her for like half an hour. I'll try again tomorrow.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 79, Hanging out in Mighty Lou Central

This morning, my friend Dennis kept me company in my office. He works adoptions and I've been meowing with him about finding me a purrfect home. Then I saw typist come in, so I meowed until she came in to pet me.

We played a fun game all morning. I would meow until she opened the door, thinking I wanted to come hang out with her, and then I ran down the corridor to check out the rooms and look for left-over food.

Naturally, she followed and told me to go back to the staff area, and after a couple of minutes we'd start over.

Yesterday a lot of people talked about Mighty Lou. He used to be spokes-cat until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Bow-Tie took over. I haven't actually met Mighty Lou, but my room is called Mighty Lou Central and there are many paintings of him all over. Some of my visitors say I look a lot like him, and I take that as a compliment.

Hope you're having a great day!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 78, New cats in the corridor

Monday again, and all my favorite people in the office. That's good. One arrived smelling like black cat and another like poodle, but that's okay. They seemed happy to see me and gave good chin rubs, so I forgive them for touching other pets.

There has been lots of changes in the offices around me. Being a cat, I don't like change. Today's picture shows me investigating while pretending not to care.

Tiggy was adopted, and I snuck over to her old room to see if there might be some left-over food. Predictably, someone spotted me and said, "Sonny, don't do that." Not sure who will be in that room now. I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Sophie was cute, but she has been moved to a pod filled with other cats. There's a guy in that room now, think his name is Oscar. The humans say, "Oh, he's so cute." Wrong. I'm cute. 

At least Bianca is still here. She still dislikes me, and I still like to go watch her through the door. The beauty of continuity!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 77, Friday again

Today, order has been restored: everyone I expected to be in the office has been in the office. I've mostly ignored them as punishment for leaving me alone yesterday, but I still enjoy them being present.

Anymeows, yesterday after working on my journal, I set out to explore. There was nothing else to do with everyone being gone. I normally attempt to be stealthy so I won't risk losing my roaming privileges, but a couple of the humans caught me wandering around in medical. I didn't think anyone would notice, but they're more observant than I've been giving them credit for.

I pretended to be another yellow cat, but I guess they can tell the difference between us. I ran to my room as soon as I realized I wouldn't be able to meow myself out of the situation. Once there I gave everyone my most innocent look of, "I would never." It worked better this time than the time they found me breaking into the cat food...

Today, our volunteer coordinator Courtney played with me. She is good at that. Today's photo show me considering if I should pounce for the toy or not. You know what happened, I bet you know. I pounced, and I got it.

Since today is Friday I'll be away from the keyboard for a couple of days. Most unfair that the humans won't let me use their computers when they're not here, don't you think? I need to figure out the password. I've tried toona, catnip, and good kitty, but none of them were right.

Have a great weekend!
Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 76, How dare they leave me all alone on a weekday?

Dear journal, wait until you hear this... You know how the humans disappear on weekends? I have gotten into a rhythm where I expect both roommate and typist to be present five days, be gone two, present five, gone two, and so on. Well, this week there were only three days with both of them here, and today both of them are gone. At the same time. What's up with that?

Aren't I the Mayor of this place? Shouldn't they check with me before doing something like this?

For the longest time I thought I wouldn't even be able to get my journal typed today, but I meowed with my friend the finance manager until he helped me call. Do they have any idea how hard it is to use a phone when you're a cat?

I'm so upset I'll have to go get a snack before my afternoon nap. Hope your day is more reliable

Meows from Sonny

Sonny considering what to wear

Day 75, Gala isn't just a kind of apple?

From what I've heard around the office, there's something coming up called a Gala. I thought that was a kind of apple and as a cat I don't like apples, so I've ignored it for months. Yesterday I overheard the humans talking about bringing Benny - one of the most popular cats here. That made me suspect the Gala might be something completely different.

I spied on the communications' department, pretending to sleep on typist's desk, but I got distracted when I heard the word Fundraiser. I like funds. You know what funds are good for? Buying toys and catnip. And string. I bet a gala can raise much more treat-money than the coins I snatched from typist's purse the other day. 

Naturally I want in on this.

Typist said, "I don't know what to wear." I didn't know this event required special clothes... I think I'm handsome the way I am, but I pulled out the hats from New Year's anyway. The humans said, "Sonny, honey, the gala isn't until next week."

Waddayamean next week? What's wrong with right now? I'm prepared right now!

New plan. I snuck out of the staff area and ran through the corridor to meow with Benny. I told him that as Meow Mayor I can delegate important duties, and that he would have to go to work for me. He will go to the gala and make sure all humans behave and that everything is under control. I suspect he'll eat most of the treats himself, but he promised to bring back some goodies for yours truly. 

I like this plan. It means I can go back to napping.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 74, What a wonderful snuggle!

Life is funny. Today, I thought nothing would happen and I spent most of the day napping with my roommate. Nothing wrong with that if you're a cat, but not all that exciting. Then, I heard someone ask for me and ran out to investigate.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Remember my visitor from Friday? Her name is Patricia, and she came back to pet me. I saw she wore a volunteer name-tag, so I hope she'll come back more times. Purrsome magic touch.

And, see my banana on the picture? I keep my toys close. They're strategically placed so I'll have one no matter where I choose to nap.

Have you been doing something fun today?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 73, Another Monday

Finally Monday again so all humans start to act the way they're supposed to. I don't like this weekend thing where people go missing. I wait and wait for my purrsons to show up, and either they arrive late, or don't show up at all. From my point of view, Monday is a good thing.

My roommate has had a lot of visitors. That's also good, because most of them take the time to pet me. And, in the afternoon typist's desk has a perfect ray of sunshine for a nap. I like to curl up in my bed with my toys and close my eyes for a few. Typist says watching me makes her sleepy. To that I say, "Stop watching the cat and get back to typing." She doesn't seem to find that as funny as I do. 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat DepotShe did find it funny when I climbed into her desk drawer. I was trying to get to the back, just to see what might be there. Turns out I was a little too big to fit, but I at least got to sit in her purse. Who knows, maybe if I pack myself she'll take me on an adventure.

Now I'm off to look at the other office cats. I know Bianca will appreciate me peeking in at her. She sounds like she doesn't, but I'm sure she does. Hope your Monday is going well too!

Meows from Sonny



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 72, It's almost Love Your Pet Day

Today, I've been teasing Bianca. I like to go over to her door and peek in, and it drives her crazy. She doesn't like me even a little, but that just makes staring even more fun. The humans say I'm being a tease. Not my fault that they keep putting cute girls in an office so close to me. Right?

Anymeows, rumors have it tomorrow is Love Your Pet Day. That would be a fantastic thing to celebrate, except neither roommate or typist normally works on Saturdays. I decided they should celebrate with me today instead, and I've been napping with my head on typist's hand. She said it made it a little difficult to use the computer, because she didn't want to disturb me, but that is of no importance to me. I'm a cat. I nap.

Will you celebrate tomorrow? Maybe come in and celebrate with me?

Speaking of naps, as I was napping, I had a visitor. She petted me for a long time and I almost rolled out of my bed with pure pleasure. She had just the right touch and I even let her rub my tummy. If I hadn't been so sleepy when it was over I would have followed her for more.

Have a meowing good weekend!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 71, Did you know there's edible string?

A wonderful thing happened: a large envelope arrived with my name on it. When we opened, there were two pretty little packages and a note. Typist helped me read. 

Sonny gets a letter















Turns out the nice person who sent my carrot, which I have with me in bed by the way, found the most marvelous invention: edible string. I didn't know it existed. Thank you! And thank you for thinking of me!

The good things of the day weren't over with this. The humans decided that my bed on typist's desk needed to be washed, and the new one is soft like a cloud. I was so happy I made some biscuits on it. And then they replaced the cat tree in my room with a model I like much better than the old one. My roommate noticed I didn't use the one I had, and the new one is perfect for sitting by the window and looking out.

Hope you're having a purrsome day too!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 70, Fun, Fun, Fun, Play!

From time to time everyone needs to relax and play. Our volunteer coordinator, Courtney, is great at playing. The photo below is me when I first spotted her and the toy. It's my alert position. Meow! 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot









She tried to hold it so far up that I couldn't get it, but I reached and jumped and swatted with my paws, and I got it! Once I caught it, I didn't want to let go. Catching it must mean it's mine, right? 

A lot of people think eleven is a high age for a cat, but I still have a spring in my step and plenty of play left in me. Many cats live to their twenties, and I hope to have many good years ahead of me.

Do your cats like to play? What's their favorite game?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 69, Official Meow Mayor Business

I thought being Meow Mayor would mostly mean extra attention and cuddles, but according to typist I must also do some work. So, here I am with a giant check. Thank you Conquest Graphics for helping non profits, and thank you everyone who helped us get it.

I think the humans are planning to print a book about cats with the money. I'm sure there will be photos of me in it, so I find this project quite agreeable.

Besides posing, I've had a full day. I had visitors who tried to play with me. They woke me up from a nap, so I wasn't really into it. And, the humans are doing an extra big cleaning of some of the pods, so there are kitties in carriers in my corridor. I keep going over there to look at them. They've been asking me to bust them out, but I'm not able to open the locks. The humans say the pods are almost done, but I don't think the other cats believed me when I translated.

How is your day going?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 68, Happy Presidents' Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday. Since both roommate and typist were away for the weekend, I asked online if someone else wanted to be my Valentine. I got so many answers. Warmed my heart. 

Now, over to more serious matters: I have been informed today is Presidents' Day. As Meow Mayor, I take these holidays seriously. Who knows, there might be a Mayor's Day coming up, and if we don't celebrate one day properly we might miss the next one too. 

Typist found flags and I put on my most stern and serious expression, trying to look presidential. What do you think? Am I succeeding?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 67, Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Have you heard the news? Some of my friends on Facebook thought just calling me "office cat" was insufficient for all the great things I do, and they nominated me for being "Meow Mayor of Cat Depot." I didn't think the humans here would go for it, but they loved it. They put me on the staff page and everything.

In other news, I've heard Valentine's Day is coming up. I found some hearts to pose with. I think they complement my coat. I wanted to ask my roommate or typist to be my Valentine, but neither of them work on Sunday. Will you be my Valentine?



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 66, Lots of things going on today

Today has been busy, but pretty great. It started this morning when I was taking my after-breakfast nap. Courtney who works with volunteers saw me and thought I needed some playtime, so we played with a fun dangly toy, and I didn't even eat the string! I grabbed the toy and held on as hard as I could, and she tugged, and typist held my bed so I wouldn't glide down on the floor. Wonderful teamwork!

Just as we were done with that, a nice woman came to take photos of the staff. My roommate wanted me to be in the photo with her, so we tried that for a little bit, but then I got restless and wanted to go back to my office.

As if this wasn't exciting enough, I had a visitor. He didn't take me home, but I enjoy when people come to see me. It makes me feel special.

When he left I decided to take a nap on my roommate's chair. Imagine my surprise when typist came to wake me up with a package. Someone sent me a catnip carrot! There wasn't a sender so I can't thank them purrsonally, but I really appreciate it.

Hope you had a great day too!

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 65, Keep your paws off my toys

Today I enjoyed time in the staff area, just the way I like. No one paid attention to me for a while, they were talking about boring human stuff, so I decided to go explore. There's a food counter down the hallway and sometimes there are nibbles of food someone dropped and didn't notice at once.

I know, I know, diet, not supposed to eat regular food, blah, blah, boooring!

Anymeows, one of the adoptions counselors spotted my theft attempts and sent me back to my room. She even escorted me back to make sure I did what I was supposed to. I refused to enter my office and jumped up on typist's desk instead.

The adoptions human held my blue fish and said, "Sonny, if you don't behave I'll have to take this."

I'm pretty sure she was joking, but I still glared. When she put it back down, I hit her with my paw. I don't have nails so I can't hurt anyone, but it seemed like a good opportunity to make a statement. It's my fish. No one takes my fish.

Now I will take a nap, next to the fish just to make sure it stays here, where it's supposed to.

Sonny, protector of toys

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 64, Hand over the Dorito!

Today has been pretty calm. I've spent the morning watching Tiggy through the door  - it made her quite upset - and teasing the kids in isolation. Got some good naps in too, and chin rubs. And, I must not forget, I had guests who told me how handsome I am. That always gives a good feeling.

When checking out the donations, I found a fun toy with string. I just had time to start chewing on it before typist appeared and took it away. String is so much fun, but the humans feel eating it is bad for me. My roommate even took the tails off all the toy mice because I tried to eat them. Someone should invent edible string for cats. Imagine, edible toys!

Later in the day I relaxed with typist, playing with my blue fish I got yesterday, and heard an interesting noise. The human was snacking on Doritos! Naturally, I went over there and tried to get a bite. She said, "I'm sorry, Sonny, I can't give you any. Doritos will give you a tummy ache."

Rubbish. I stuck my head in the bag and tried to get some anyway. Silly human put them away and apologized for tempting me. I want a Dorito. Not sure if I've ever had one, but being on a special diet is getting old.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 63, A Purrsome Day!

Today is a purrsome day. My house arrest was lifted, and I am once again free to roam. I've been busy checking everything out to make sure nothing unauthorized happened during my absence. One of the neighboring girls attempted to sneak into my room and eat my food while I was out and about, but roommate and typist were on top of it. I don't think she had time to get more than one bite.

Then, I got mail. A big and exciting envelope, just for me!

The humans helped me open it, and there was a super-fun blue fish inside.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Later in the day, I got more mail! Two letters in one day, can you believe it? This one had my name written all over it, both on the envelope and the address label. It said, "Sonny the office cat." That's me.

Good thing it was well marked, because it contained a yellow catnip banana. Wouldn't want that to end up in someone else's paws.

I don't mind sharing some things, but the banana is mine.

Thank you everyone for sending me things! I'm off to play with my new toys.

Have a purrsome evening, talk to you tomorrow.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 62, Volunteering for the greater good

I've had a full day today. Early this morning, humans came to pick me up and brought me to a fancy Sarasota hotel. Not at all what I expected would happen - I anticipated breakfast and a nap - but I'm not one to say no to an adventure. For a while I thought they were bringing me to a new furever home, but it did seem weird that someone would do that before the sun was even up.

Turns out the hotel hosted a seminar where veterinarians would learn more about ultrasound, and my roommate had volunteered me! I would have been annoyed, but then they told me I was one of six chosen, which made it seem like an honor.

Did you know cats can hear ultrasound? Our hearing isn't enough to pick up the ultrasound machine, but still much better than a human's. We can see some frequencies of ultraviolet light too.

Anymeows, you can never guess what they did next. They shaved my tummy My gorgeous, soft, furry tummy! The ultrasound itself wasn't too bad, but it will take time for my hair to grow out again.

And, upon my return to Cat Depot, my roommate had taken the opportunity to bring a dog. All this excitement in one day and I return to find a dog in my room. Everything in there smells like dog now. Ew.

Seeing things from the bright side, maybe my excellent demonstration of ultrasound will help other pets in the future. And, my insides look great. Good to know since I've had some problems in that area, and Cat Depot doesn't have an ultrasound machine.

Have a purrsome weekend!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 61, Did you know that Tiggy is back?

I'm supposed to stay in my room a few days more, but I snuck out this morning anyway. Jumped up on typist's desk just like a regular day, and met an unpleasant surprise: my bed was gone. Or, well, there was a bed there, but it wasn't the same one.

She said, "It needed to be washed. This one looks really comfortable. Try it out, you can get the other one back later." It was okay, I guess. Not the same, but okay. Especially when the sun came out. I think my coat looks particularly fine in the light from the window.

Anymeows, once I tired of the communications people I decided to take a little stroll down the corridor, just to see that everything's in order. What a surprise: I saw Tiggy in an office! You may not remember this, but she was the blogging cat before me, and during her stay at Cat Depot I would sneak up to her door and look in at her. She hated it then and she still hates it now. Her loud cries for help in no way prevented me from staring.

The humans said she came back here a while ago. Why didn't anyone tell me? Are they trying to keep me from going over to look at her? 

Meows from Sonny

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