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Tiggy's Day

Tiggy, the Egyptian MauHi there! I’m Tiggy, an Egyptian Mau from Kuwait, currently seeking a new residence. Cat Depot is nice, but after a while staying in a hotel you just want to go home, even if you’re in a nice hotel with excellent room service.

I have an extensive resume. I speak English, Spanish, and Arabic, but the humans around me only seem to hear “Meow” no matter how much I talk. I suspect they’re not really paying attention.

While I have a history as a globetrotting cat with a passport, I would love to settle down with my own human now. I have many talents. I can warm your chair, talk to you so you don’t feel lonely, help you as you go about your day, and take a nap for you so you don’t have to feel sleepy. Amongst other things, of course.

Would you come visit me? Maybe be my own human? I'm waiting at Cat Depot. Ask for Tiggy, I can't wait to meet you!

Meanwhile, I will let you peek into my diary. Here goes...



Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

Day 14 of my diary, November fourth.

Friends, I am so excited. A lovely young couple was here to look at me. I hid in my tunnel, because all of a sudden there was so much change going on. Shelley - the executive director - came and handed me some of the food I wanted yesterday. I couldn't resist. I had to jump out and taste it. It was so good I allowed them to touch me.

Then there were treats. Yum!

What I could decode of the human speech sounds like they will be fostering me, and if it works out, I will have a new home!

Right now, they're off getting cat stuff, and my friend Dan is here reading to me. That's really great, because with all this excitement I need the emotional support!

Keep your paws crossed for me! Meows from Tiggy

Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

Day 13 of my diary, November third

The door to my office has a glass pane so I can see into the corridor and the staff work area. Well, this fine afternoon I was looking out and saw the most upsetting thing. Are you ready? Remember the cat named Sonny that comes over and looks in at me sometimes? I saw a volunteer bring a tray of special food into his office, and I didn't get any!

I was so upset I meowed and meowed and meowed until camera human came in. She understood, especially when I glared over at Sonny's office and gave my most upset meows. Turns out the rascal gets special food, because he gets tummy aches. I think he does it on purpose. What about me? You would think Egyptian royalty should get the special food too.

I got a few treats to cheer me up, but I still intend to sneak out of here and go check out the food in Sonny's room.

On the bright side, I've had visitors, and my friend came to read to me. And those treats were pretty good.

Meows from Tiggy!

Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau relaxing



Day 12 of my diary: November second

The other day I meowed about being lonely and wanting people to come visit me. Well, guess what, it turned out to be an interesting weekend. I didn't even have time to complete my plan to break out of the office.

My foster mom came to visit me and I got to sleep on her lap, just like I love to do. Happy Day! Intense amounts of meows and purrs! I'm sitting on her legs on my favorite pink blanket on the photo. I relaxed so much that I fell down and had to jump back up. Embarrassing!

Then, there was a girl come to visit me, and I got really excited. I meowed my loudest to get attention, and I think I scared her. I can put some volume behind my meow - check out this video from Animal Outtakes: https://youtu.be/ySUIGrsGLic I'm in it from time 11:42. You can hear my beautiful voice very well!

Tomorrow I will share some more videos my foster mom took of me this weekend. Right now I'm a little busy - from what I hear my friend Dan is back in town, and I bet he'll come and read to me soon. I have to get ready.

Meows from Tiggy!

Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

Day 11 of my diary: November first

Camera-human says Sundays are for Snuggling, and that would be a great idea if there were someone here to snuggle. It doesn't matter how much I meow, no-one's coming in to see me.




I need to device a plan to escape the confinements of this office and go look for the humans. It is difficult because this door closes really well, but I think I can find a way. I will let you know how it works out.

Yours truly,

Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

Day 10 of my diary: October 31

Today is Meoween. Not one of my personal favorite holidays, all this dressing up is overrated, but I do enjoy the occasional treat. Or five.

What has me worried is this time change thing the humans are so fascinated with. In spring they decide to start everything earlier, which can lead to waking up the cat at completely inappropriate hours of the day, and then when they go back to normal time it feels like breakfast never arrives.

I'm concerned that tomorrow morning will be one of those times when breakfast is late, because they've been playing with their clocks. Who needs a clock anyway? The cat's tummy should decide when food and treats arrive, not a strange circular object that ticks, don't you think? I could understand this fascination with clocks if they purred, but I've seen some that actually tick and none that purred.

Wonder if there's a tiny mouse inside, running in a wheel, making the clock hands go around? I must investigate this, but not right now. I found this computer unguarded and I need to take the opportunity to order more treats.

Happy Meoween from Tiggy

Tiggy the Egyptian Mau on SNN

Day 9 of my diary: October 30

I had some visitors yesterday, that was fun. They didn't bring me home, but it was still fun. Humans are so strange, always on the way somewhere. They should settle down and take more naps, like a cat would. I've been trying to teach the Cat Depot staff, but they probably just hear "Meow."

Today I meowed with camera human about some entertainment. This office would be great if it had a person, but it's no fun to sit here all alone. She promised to look into it, and as a reward I sat on her lap and purred for a while. They really seem to enjoy that. Again, humans are peculiar.

Remember I mentioned a really big camera yesterday? Well, guess what, they managed to film me even though I was hiding. There's a video on this website and if you look closely, you can see me! http://www.snntv.com/2015/10/29/cat-depot-celebrates-1000th-cat-adoption/

The humans called this Friday. I find that odd too - I thought every day was Caturday. I'll have to take a nap and ponder this. Talk to you soon!


PS If you haven't visited me yet, I'm here. Come to Cat Depot and ask for Tiggy!

Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

Day 8 of my diary: October 29

Yesterday something really scary happened. There's a glass door to my office, and suddenly there was another cat there, looking in! I'm afraid of other cats, so I started meowing as loud as I could, calling for help. It worked: half the staff of Cat Depot came running! I really like people, so I'm thinking of doing that again. Seems a good way to get attention.

Anyway, they told me this other cat is named Sonny and that he's afraid of cats too. I don't know, he didn't look scared of me, but maybe he was. They promised he won't be allowed to come by and stare at me anymore.

And you know what? Today when camera-human was visiting, other people came in with a gigantic camera on a tripod. It looked kind of intimidating, so I hid in a corner and refused to come out, even after they bribed me with treats. I'm not stupid - I know how to get MORE treats!

Then camera-human mumbled something about heating pad and walked away with the present my foster mom brought for me. I was really worried I'd never see it again, but she brought it back, and it was warm! Not sure if this is magic or just some form of technology, but I sure like to be warm and comfy.

Human says she needs the computer now, so I guess I'll have to go. Meow with you tomorrow!



Tiggy wants treats

This is the look I give when I want treats and I don't get any. They're right there in the canisters with red lids, but the humans have invented some contraption to keep treats in while cats stay out. The red part comes loose, but opening requires thumbs. Pfft, cats never needed thumbs before. Just gimme a treat already. Please?

Tiggy wants her chin scratched

This is my face when I want my chin scratched. See how I stretch my head forward? Pretty clear signal if you ask me. Camera human still took my photo before actually doing it.

Tiggy relaxing with her foster mom

Day 7 of my diary: October 28

I had visitors today! A nice couple came to see me and played with me a little. Some seem to be discouraged by my loud voice, but they were able to look beyond that and appreciate me for me. I like company, and I really enjoyed the visit.

Since I'm afraid of the other cats and don't want to be in a pod I'm in an office, and it gets very lonely here. I like to be around people - and I like having someone to talk to.

Camera-human stopped by and said they're lowering my adoption fee. It has been high because they're worried someone will adopt me just to resell me, but they're going down to $250, hoping someone will bring me home.

Speaking of going home, I really want to do that now. Not to complain, everyone here at Cat Depot do their best to keep me content, but I'm kind of cold, and I long for sitting on someone's lap in the evening, watching TV with them. And having someone to nap with. I loved napping with my foster family.

If you're coming by Cat Depot, won't you come talk to me for a few? Ask for Tiggy - I'm right here waiting.

This photo shows how I liked to snuggle with my foster family. Could I snuggle with you?

Hopeful Meows from Tiggy

Tiggy the Egyptian Mau waking up from a nap

Day 6 of my diary: October 27

Today, the humans here at Cat Depot are all worked up over the black cats. Some form of celebration. Rubbish if you ask me - someone make an Egyptian Mau day and I'll join the party. 

Did you know we're considered the fastest of all domestic cats? An average Mau can run over 30 mph. I'm not sure how fast I can run, but I am fast.

Other than all the black cat stuff, it's pretty calm around here. No visitors for me, no mail, no faxes, no phone calls. Camera human came in for a bit, but that wasn't as satisfying as having someone come in and give me undivided attention. To be honest, I was napping when she arrived, in a sweet dram of sunshine.

She pulled out a laser pointer, I think she wanted to make a video of my cuteness as I play, but I wasn't in the mood. Today is a napping kind of day, preferably on a nice and warm lap. Cat Depot is a bit cold if you ask me. If I can figure out how to open this door I'll sneak out and change the thermostat.

I'll let you know tomorrow how that turns out. Or, maybe I'll just snuggle up and nap some more. 


Tiggy the Egyptian Mau taking a selfie

Day 5 of my diary: October 26

Today, typing human is exceptionally slow sharing my diary with you, mumbling something about it being Monday and lots of stuff to do. I don't understand. What could possibly be more important than talking to me? And seriously, if I can't use the computer myself, typing human has to stay on top of it, right?

My friend Dan is here today. He has been teaching me to take selfies, which isn't as easy as you would think when you have paws and not fingers. I think I've gotten the hang of it now. Do you like my latest selfie? He reads to me too, and I love that. Right now, we're going through a George Carlin book. It's meowing funny!

I wonder if my furever family will read to me. What do you think?

Got to go now, it's time for another chapter in the book.

Monday-Meows from Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

Tiggy the Egyptian Mau would like a tummy rub

Day 4 of my diary: October 25th 

Dear diary, it is Snuggle-Sunday and I have gained camera-human's trust enough to show my tummy. It is an exceptionally fine tummy if I do say so myself, and showing it too soon might lead to envy. Seriously, humans can be good to curl up with, but I've never encountered one as soft as a cat.

I'm hoping for many visitors today. We open soon, so I should go get ready. Got to make sure I look my best. I bet a lot of people never encountered an Egyptian Mau before, so I must make sure to be a good representative of my breed.

Meows and purrs,

Tiggy the Egyptian Mau enjoys her scratching post

Day 3 of my diary: October 24

Today is Caturday, so I will keep it short. Let it suffice to say, I really love this scratching post. I like to dig my nails into it and put my entire body behind the exercise.

I wonder if my furever human will come today. I hope they know I'm here, waiting for them. If not, maybe there will at least be some fun visitors to meow with. That would be purrfect!

I must get back to the scratching post now. Being not just a lady but a queen I know it's important to keep my nails in good shape.

Meows from Tiggy!

Tiggy, adoptable Egyptian MauDay 2 of my diary: October 23

Today I sat down with one of the humans here at Cat Depot to meow about my travels around the world. We even picked out my passport from its drawer, so I could show all my stamps. 

I am a truly globetrotting kitty, and I have my papers to prove it.

The passport has several pages with stamps from vets proving I've had my vaccines, tick treatments, and other stuff that helps keep a queen like myself healthy.

Inside is a photo of yours truly along with identifying information, just like a human would have in their documents. 

Did you know, I was a stray for a while, and my first human picked me up from the streets in Kuwait. 

After reminiscing over the passport, I meowed and rubbed my head against the human until she got the hint and petted my cheeks, just the way I like it. The visit ended with a snack. I like snacks. Meow!

Tiggy's papers

 We spread out our documents so I could get a really good look. So many memories!




Inside Tiggy's passport

 The inside has a photo of me and identifying information, just like a human's passport would.




Inside Tiggy's passport


Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

October 22nd 

Today is my first day of keeping a diary. I recently spent some time with a foster family. I really liked them, but they weren't my furever home and after a while I had to go back to Cat Depot. Still waiting for the furever thing.

When I returned to Cat Depot they tried to put me in a pod with other kitties, and that was kind of scary after being pampered like I had been. My foster family knew who was the queen! I snuck out of the pod and made a nest in the laundry room, but the humans found me. After that, they put me in an office. That was kind of fun, but still so much world to see outside, so I figured out how to open the door.

Today I'm in another office that is more difficult to get out of. On the bright side, there's a human here reading to me, so all in all, it's a good day. Meow!



Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

What do you  mean nice girls don't stick their tongues out? I'm a queen, I can lick my nose if I want to!

Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

One of the things I liked best about being in a home, was all the great places to relax. Couches, bed, chairs... Love a soft surface, especially if it's in the sunshine!



Tiggy, the Egyptian Mau

I also enjoy the occasional romp and play. The humans somehow made this toy move remotely. I've heard other cats suggest it might be a human super power, but I think they have a more mundane way of doing it. Either way, playing is fun! Or, well, I mean, I can allow them to play with me...


Click here for information about Tiggy from her foster family


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