Cat Depot assists the ASPCA in national rescue efforts

Rescue Team

Cat Depot works diligently to rescue abandoned, abused, injured and relinquished cats and kittens and carefully find loving homes for these animals.

Cat Depot has partnered with the ASPCA, SPCA, Maddie's Foundation, American Humane and local humane organizations in Manatee, Sarasota and greater Florida to provide emergency medical relief for cats. 

Cat Depot staff and volunteers have trained with FEMA approved Florida State Animal Response Coalition and assisted with hoarding rescues involving over 1,000 cats including assisting with the placement of cats from Gainesville, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, Port St Lucie, Sarasota and Venice.

An Emergency Disaster Plan is in place for Cat Depot cats.



Want to Join our Rescue Team? Florida SARC Training is the first step!

Cat Depot hosts the Florida SARC Awareness Level Small Animal Emergency Sheltering Class as well as the Operations Level class, FREE of charge! Don't miss this exciting opportunity to gain the expertise and practical experience required to become a professional disaster animal responder. 

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Cat Depot assists ASPCA in Alabama rescue

July 2015 - Cat Depot recently received 14 cats from Lawrence County, rescued by the ASPCA and the Moulton Police Department. Read the press release here.

20 cats arrive from local rescue

July 2015 - Kittens currently fill every available space, and the new arrivals will be housed in Cat Depot's education center until cleared for adoption.


Cat Depot reaches out to Charlotte County Hoarded Cats

February 2015 - Cat Depot and other local animal organizations recently helped 60 cats in Charlotte County. The cats have received cleaning and medical care, and were re-homed when cleared for adoption.  

Puppy Rescued in ASPCA Dog Fighting Raid

Cat Depot Assists ASPCA in Aiding Dogs Rescued in Raid

September 2013 - Deployed at the request of the ASPCA®, CDERT helped care for hundreds of dogs rescued in the second largest dog fighting bust in United States history.

Cat Depot Rescue Team Unloads Supplies at ASCPA Dog Fighting Raid

Multi-State, Federal Dog Fighting Raid

September 2013 - CDERT delivered donated items to the rescue workers who were assisting in the raid. 


Cat Depot Emergency Rescue Team Deploys in December 2013 to Assist the ASPCA2nd Largest Dog Fighting Raid in US History

December 2013 - CDERT again deployed to assist the ASPCA in caring for the dogs rescued in multi-state dog fighting raid. 


Cat Depot assisted the ASPCA in rescuing pets in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri

Tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri Rescue 

June, 2011 - In a response for help by the ASPCA, the Cat Depot Emergency Response Team (CDERT) deployed to Joplin, Missouri, to assist with the care and reunification of cats and dogs.

Cat Depot works in the temporary shelter set up by the ASPCA in Joplin, Missouri

Joplin, Missouri, Temporary Shelter

June, 2011 - On the ground in Joplin, Missouri, CDERT members Tim Weeks and Greg Geweye care for 400 cats. 

Cat Depot responds to request to assist ASPCA in rescue efforts

Cat Depot Responds In Partnership with ASPCA 

June, 2011 - The trained CDERT members assist ASPCA and other animal organizations in the aftermath of the Joplin, Missouri, tornado. 



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