There are several cat rescue groups that work closely in the community to help with feral and free roaming cats. These rescue groups can offer assistance in minimizing cat nuisance behavior by spay and neuter programs, humane products and other helpful tips and suggestions.   
Please note, that if a cat has a tipped or notched ear, this indicates it is part of a Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program and rescue groups will make every attempt to locate the caretaker of the cat. 


Appointments for Free Cat Clinics
Call Priscilla Savage at 941-342-1575 or email
Services: Spay/Neuter for owned dogs and cats and feral cats, Trap Rentals
Phone: 941-957-1955, Ext. 4 
Buddy’s Feral Cat of St. Francis Animal Rescue
Services: 1 free Spay/Neuter feral cat clinic each month  (typically on the third Sunday)
*To schedule appointment for TNR clinic, call Cilla at 941-342-1575 or email to
Main Phone: 941-492-6221
Cat Depot
Services: Cat Adoptions, Trap Rentals, Spay/Neuter of owned and community cats, Monthly Food Bank for cat caretakers (Contact Cody Carlson or visit Food Bank web page).
Phone: 941-366-2404 
Maryanne Conlan - Feral/Free Roaming Cat Community Advocate (A/S Volunteer)
Maryanne educates and works with the public on free roaming cat issues and TNR.
Phone: 941-228-8649 
Sarasota County Animal Services
Services: Low cost Spay/Neuter (income qualifications), Adoptions
Phone: 941-861-9500
Sarasota In Defense of Animals
Sanctuary for a wide variety of animals. 
To schedule appointment for spay/neuter for feral cats, call Cilla at 941-342-1575 or email
Main Phone: 941-924-2505
The Humane Society of Sarasota County
Services: Spay/Neuter for dogs, cats and ferals, Animal Adoptions
Phone: 941-955-4131


Manatee County Animal Services
Services: Free Spay/Neuter Hotline, Animal Adoptions
Phone: 941-749-3067
The Humane Society of Manatee County
Services: Spay/Neuter for dogs, cats and ferals, Animal Adoptions
Phone: 941-747-8808, Ext. 309 (for feral cats), Ext. 302 (for friendly cats)
Gulf Shore Animal League
Spay/Neuter for feral cats, TNR
Phone: 941-747-2284 


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