How to Pet a Cat - Cat Depot

The Non-Threatening Way to Approach Cats

Our free-roaming pods allow visitors to interact with our cats and we encourage this to increase their chances of being adopted. Each kitty is unique and it is important that people approach our cats in a non-threatening manner to avoid being bitten or scratched.

Any Cat Depot kitty who bites a human must be quarantined for 10 days. We call this "Kitty Jail." And we do not like "Kitty Jail" because, to a cat, it means:

- 10 days that he must be kept in a cage and cannot free-roam.
- 10 days that he cannot interact with visitors.
- 10 days with less of a chance of finding his forever home.

So we have posted signs at Cat Depot demonstrating the correct way to approach and pet our felines.

Download the sign "How to Pet Our Cats"

How to Pet a Cat Depot Kitty

1. Slowly bring your hand (palm facing down) towards a cat so he can sniff you.

2. If he sniffs you and rubs against your hand or allows you to keep your hand near his face, you can try to pet his head.

3. If the kitty seems fearful, aggressive or tries to pull away from you, please leave him alone - do not attempt to pet him.

4. Do not attempt to stroke the cat on his back and tail.