Ever wonder why there are no old horses or old cats? It could be they have nowhere to go. The average life span of a household cat is 16 years. Many cats live late into their teens and even early twenties.

Yoshi, dreaming of a homeMany shelters have to put age-restrictions on incoming pets. Some limit the age to cats as young as eight, and the average limit for shelter admittance is ten years old. This is because older pets need longer to find adopters so they take a place in the shelter for a longer period of time, and they may develop medical issues.

At the same time, a cat of eight is in its prime.

There are many reasons to adopt a senior cat. They are often calmer, their personalities are established, they know about litter boxes, and they don't climb the curtains.

Read a spotlight on senior pets written by Cat Depot's Executive Director, Shelley Thayer. The article highlights problems for senior pets in shelters, why it's a good idea to adopt a mature cat, and ideas on how to ensure a beloved pet will be cared for.



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