Lost a Pet?

An open door, an unlatched gate, a moment of distraction is all it can take for your pet to go missing.

Cat Depot Lost a Pet Resources

Steps to Follow: 

#1 Call your microchip company and inform them that your pet is missing. Please have your microchip identification number ready so that they can process the information faster.
#2 Contact your local Animal Services and file a missing animal report.  

Sarasota County Animal Services – (941) 861-9501 or email: kennel1@scgov.net 
Manatee County Animal Services – (941) 742-5933

#3 Contact all shelters in your area including Cat Depot.

#4 Register your pet at helpmefindmypet.com. helpmefindMYPET lost pet alerts is a proactive way to recover lost and stolen pets. When your pet is missing every second counts. People find pets, so notifying your community the moment your pet goes missing is very important. The moment your pet is lost or stolen an Alert is generated and sent to shelters, vets, pet businesses and members within a 25 mile radius of where your pet was last seen.

#5 Hang flyers with information about your lost pet in your neighborhood. Download a lost pet poster you can customize.

#6 Ask neighbors to help watch out for your animal. 

Lost Pet USA 

Click here for lost pet recovery tips.





Siesta Key Lost Pet Hotline

Siesta Key Lost Pet Hotline

A tool for Siesta Key visitors and residents to find their lost pets.
You Can Register in One of Several Ways:
1. Call 941-749-LOOK and leave your information

When a pet is lost or found, an email blast will be sent out to the members of the list. Lost and found pet notices can also be found on the Siesta Key Lost Pet Hotline Facebook page.

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Found a Pet?

Cat Depot Found a Pet


If there is no collar tag or if it is unreadable or scratched, take the pet to your nearest vet or rescue center so the pet can be scanned for a microchip.






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