AHP - Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

What is it?
AHP was created by combining low levels of hydrogen peroxide (less than 0.5%) with safe ingredients, which in combination drastically improves the efficacy of the hydrogen peroxide. The result is that AHP has many powerful advantages over existing disinfectant technologies:

1) Cleaning Ability: AHP is an excellent cleaner and can get through the dirt and kill without pre-cleaning.
2) Efficacy: AHP is EPA-approved for killing the most difficult pathogens as well as bacteria.
3) Speed: Accel Concentrate is twice as fast as other disinfectants (taking just five minutes), 
4) Safety: AHP has been EPA-approved as a Category IV disinfectant and as such does not require the use of any protective equipment. 
5) Responsibility: Unlike many traditional disinfectants, while the active ingredient in AHP is drying, it converts to just water vapor and oxygen.

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