Cat with a cold

Antibiotics and Cats

In our modern society we tend to look at antibiotics as the answer for everything. But, antibiotics aren't always the right treatment.
For example, upper respiratory infections (URI) are very common in cats. We often refer to them as "kitty colds," because the symptoms are similar to a human cold with sneezing, runny nose, and runny eyes. The infections are particularly common among cats living in large groups, like in a shelter.
Just like the human cold, these infections are caused by viruses. Antibiotics only work on bacteria and are powerless against viruses. Giving an antibiotic anyway can cause the bacteria present to become resistant, and render the medicine powerless. That is, it will be useless when really needed to fight an infection. 
If your kitty has a URI and your vet won't prescribe an antibiotic, it means that the infection is caused by a virus, and the medicine wouldn't do any good. The cat needs the same thing we do when we have a cold: TLC.


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