There are a suspected 74 million pet cats in homes in the US. But only 30% of the population has a cat as a pet! That means 70% of homes are missing out on the joys of having a (or multiple!) cats! Of those 74 million cats, they average only 0.7 visits to their veterinarian per year. 

Your cat should see a veterinarian every year for a wellness checkup. Preventative medicine is important and can help us catch diseases before they become serious. Cats are fantastic at hiding illness and a trained veterinarian may see signs of illness that an owner might miss.

In the wild, if a cat gets sick it usually means it's the end. No one will come around to save them and no one else will care for them. Cats hang on to old habits where showing signs of illness would make it easy prey. Veterinarians are well trained in finding problems, and we can help you find a small problem before it becomes something big and bad.

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