My cat doesn't go outside, so why does it need flea prevention?

A pet not venturing into the great outdoors doesn't mean it's not at risk. Fleas are all around us in the environment and can come in on other pets who go outside (dogs) or even on you. They can be tracked in on pant legs or shoes.

Use flea prevention!

Fleas aren't just gross, they can be incredibly uncomfortable to animals. They also transmit parasites such as tapeworms.

Most flea preventions also help to control internal parasites, which if left unchecked can be transmitted to people. 

Many veterinarians also recommend heartworm prevention - even for strictly indoor animals.

Heartworm disease is endemic in Florida, and experts in the field consider having an open window or door (with a screen) as being exposed. For cats, there is no treatment for heartworm disease, and it can be fatal.

A few drops of prevention are worth a lifetime of cure!

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