Keep Your Furry Friend Safe

Cat grass
If your cat enjoys grazing on greens, provide some cat-safe cat grass. It can be easily grown in almost any container, and seeds are easy to come by. You can also often find grown cat grass in pet stores to bring home to your feline friend.

Flowers are another matter, and people with cats need to be aware and careful with what they bring into their homes.

All sorts of lilies are toxic to cats. Some are so toxic that the cat getting some pollen on its coat and licking it off is enough to warrant a trip to the vet.

Other springtime flower such as tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and daisies are also toxic.

Some plants give severe signs such as tremors, seizures, kidney failure, and death while others just cause an upset stomach - which can be more than enough to ruin the day both for cat and purrson.

Also remember that anything that has been grown outside may have been sprayed with insecticides and other chemicals dangerous to cats.

If you suspect that your cat ingested something toxic, contact a vet immediately.

The ASPCA has an excellent resource guide to toxic plants for pets: ASPCA Guide on Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants 

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