Kittens are generally fairly easy to age. They gain about a pound per month, so a two pound kitten is about two months old. A half pound kitten is about two weeks old. 

Tiny kittens hit milestones:

  • They lose their umbilical cords around day three
  • They open their eyes around day ten


Kittens lose their teeth, just like human children do. They get their first set of adult incisors around 12 weeks of age. These are the innermost pair, sometimes called the "Chipmunk teeth." They get the second adult set at 14 weeks, and the third set at 16 weeks. Kittens often get their adult canine teeth around 20 weeks.

Sometimes they will have their adult teeth growing in before they've lost the baby teeth.

Owners rarely find teeth - the cats just swallow them.


Kittens' eyes change color too. All kittens are born with blue eyes, but few adults maintain that eye color. Iris color will begin to change sometimes as early as four weeks and is almost always complete by 12 weeks.

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