String and Cats - Lurking Danger

String is dangerous for pets
There are many photos and videos of cute kittens playing with string, and many cats are fascinated by all kinds of string. This play can turn life-threatening quickly; the string can entangle itself around the cat's tongue, or cause internal injuries and blockages.
Ingesting string can cause what is called a linear foreign body. This means that the string wraps around the base of the tongue or gets caught in the stomach, while the rest of it makes its way into the intestines. The anchored part can cause the intestines to fold up like an accordion, and the pressure can cause tissue death, bleeding, infection, and even ruptured intestines.
If the cat is lucky and the string doesn't get hung up on anything it may pass, but it is very important to keep watch. If the string doesn't pass, the cat will often gag, refuse food, and be unable to use the litterbox. In these cases, surgery is necessary to save the cat's life. During this surgery, the intestines will be opened and the string carefully removed.
If you find a piece of string hanging out of the cat's mouth or rear end, do not pull on it! Take your cat to the veterinarian or pet ER immediately.
So, put any dangly string toys away after playtime with your kitty. Store them somewhere your cat can’t get to them when you aren’t around. Avoid expensive surgery through keeping an eye out for string, yarn, dental floss - even in the trash, tinsel, ribbons, bows, and rubber bands.

Read more about the dangers of string in this article by Cat Depot veterinarian, Dr Jerry Edington.

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