Everyone loves to spoil their cats with treats, and they are great for training your kitty! All treats you can buy at pet stores should have a feeding guide on the back, just like the food does. Some may say, "Feed 1 treat per pound of body weight" or something similar. If there is no feeding guide, assume the fewer, the better.

Some treats suggest feeding as a meal, instead of as a treat. Keep in mind that treats are generally more calorie dense than kibble, and may contain more salt.

Cats who are on special diets must have special treats. For example, cats with IBS - crystals in their urine - or allergies should not eat regular cat treats. The regular treats can have ingredients which will upset the cat's system. 

If you have questions, check with your personal veterinarian about which treats your kitty can eat. And remember - everything in moderation, including moderation.

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