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Volunteers Are Priceless

We call them volunteers, but to our felines and Cat Depot team members, our volunteers are heroes. Heroes that help us save lives!

Inspired? Put your compassion into action by supporting the important work of Cat Depot. Whether caring for our cats and kittens until they find new loving homes, or helping people with their feline friends, you’ll find that there are many ways to learn, grow and help at Cat Depot.

From small to tall, young or old, permanent residents or just passing through, volunteers help Cat Depot with cleaning, laundry, dishes, animal transport, off-site events, fundraising events, clinic assistants, medical data entry, reception, retail sales, cat socialization, adoption assistants, foster families, food bank, coin bank, committees, photography, food prep, and education/lectures. 


Fun Facts:

 - In 2016, a total of 650 Cat Depot fosters and volunteers contributed over 55,000 hours of service
 - Over 300 new volunteers join our program each year - that's almost one person a day!
 - Our volunteers, not counting fosters, average 1,833 service hours each month
 - We have an average of 179 active volunteers each month


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