April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. We could never accomplish everything we do without our wonderful, dedicated volunteers, and it seems fitting to end the month with a Volunteer Appreciation Event.


Thank you volunteers!

You are priceless. Heroes who help us save lives!

Join us for a night dedicated to

our amazing volunteers! 

Saturday April 30th 

6-8 PM at Cat Depot

Don't miss the annual Volunteer Appreciation party on Saturday April 30. Party under the big top for Italian night with 100 prizes, special awards, music, and comradery.

Come to our volunteer appreciation event! 

We would thank you from the bottom of our hearts, but for you, our hearts have no bottom. 


Cat Depot volunteers give of their time and compassion to support the mission of Cat Depot – to change the destiny of homeless cats.

From small to tall, young or old, permanent residents or just passing through, volunteers help Cat Depot with cleaning, laundry, dishes, animal transport, off-site events, fundraising events, clinic assistants, medical data entry, reception, cat socialization, adoption assistants, fostering, food bank, photography, and food prep.

In 2015, Cat Depot volunteers averaged 179 volunteers each month who contributed close to 22,000 hours of their time.


Please RSVP to volunteer@catdepot.org